My dog chewed up my LV shoes!!

  1. I have been away for the last week and arrived home yesterday. DH told me how much our little AmStaff missed me and was sulking and sneaking around. I went into my WIR this morning to get dressed and saw my shoe boxes messed up, okay,... :confused1: anyhow, I get to putting them back into place when I find that, Lo and Behold, my treasured pink LV Charlotte mules have been chewed. Badly :sad: :cursing::censor: As they are made from a wooden sole, they can't be fixed. Last time it was my new MJs out in the yard (in the rain), now my pretties! I can't get mad at him though, he's too cute :heart:. Have any other TPFers been the victim of a pet with a penchant for designer destruction?
  2. Ahh no, I'm so sorry! That's terrible :sad: My dog just licks my bag. We can never get mad at a cute dog though... i agree :smile:
  3. awwww im so sorry to hear that....:sad:

    my boyfriends little sister has a jack russell who loves to lick and chew everything and i had my bag on a chair thats low to the ground and he had tipped it over and everything spilled out and he was licking the side of the bag (speedy 25)....thank god i walked in before he did any damage!!
  4. Wow that sucks! I think that may be the reason I have no pets, or children :roflmfao: At least you can buy a new pair now.
  5. awww- that sucks! My dogs are bad, bad, bad, but they know not to touch my LVs (althought they did pee on my Burberry once :cursing:).
  6. :wtf::wtf::wtf: I am so sorry about your shoes...
    ours is a staffy mix and she is not allowed to come in our bedroom where our wi closet is. although she doesn't chew anything, she is one big kisser you know...
  7. Wow I am sorry to hear! One time my cat jumped up and i think he was trying to jump over the speedy on my cabinet but miscalculated and scratched my speedy on his way up!! There is a small mark now. I was SUPER mad!!!
  8. Wow, I'd be super mad!! I thought I was mad tonight when my cat decided to eat my chicken that was sitting on the counter... so insignificant up against a chewed pair of LV shoes!!!
  9. OMG! So sorry that happened to you! Yes me also, years ago my puppy chewed up an LV pair of shoes & some really expensive hats, left a trail of feathers down the stairs LOL
    He also had a go at my mums gold watch!
    Years later I can laugh but then not so funny!
  10. aww sorry to hear! time to buy a new pair i guess :smile:
  11. OMG bad dog. now my dog chewed the handel of my speedy. got upset for about two seconds, after seeing her sad little face I just could not stay mad. I swear they know how to put on the cutiest face when they are bad.
  12. To be honest - I gave back the dog my parents bought for me after it destroyed three pairs of shoes and a piece of luggage.
  13. I'd cry. And make the DH buy me a new pair of shoes (esp if its his dog!)
  14. Sorry to hear about your poor shoes. :sad:
    I only have cats now but they are not allowed in my room where the LV's are, Maybe your pooch might have to face a ban from the LV rooms?
  15. omg, that's such a horror. Sorry to hear about that. I don't have pets so fortunately, no mishap on my precious LVs