My dog chewed on my Mulberry bag...

  1. My little dog, a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle loves Mulberry.
    About six months ago she chewed on my Mulberry Wallet in Black Congo.
    Yesterday, I noticed that she had chewed on the handles of my small Mulberry Cameley also in Black Congo.

  2. oh no that's awful ! you're just going to have to make sure things are kept out of her way and give her lots of toys to chew! Mind you - she's obviously got great taste!!!!
  3. Oh no!
  4. My cockatiel will eat all my leather shoes and handbags if I don't watch him. Sandals, straps, all have tiny bite marks from an itty bitty naughty beak. If I buy him long leather straps, he ignores them. Go figure.
  5. lea-m, did I meet you today? Or do all dogs really love chewing on Mulberry?
  6. I've just done my homework and see you are from Sweden, so I didn't meet you but it may help to know that dogs in Scotland like chewing on Mulberry too! ;)
  7. Lol, thats funny - I'm from Sweden too, and my poodle puppy does chew happily on any shoes or bags she can reach. Will make sure to keep my Mulberrys very far from her...