My dog can't turn his head to the lright anymore! Help!

  1. I took my 11 year old Golden Retriever to the vet tonight because I noticed that he was walking around funky. His tail was tucked in and it appeared as though he was constipated.

    The vet told me that he was indeed severely backed up. She gave us some super fiber food and sent us on the way. She also noted that he had an ear infection and gave us some medicine for that as well.

    Well, later on this evening I noticed that Rocky kept his head tilted to the left the entire time. I stood on his right hand side and called his name. Instead of just simple turning his head to the right to look at me he walked around in a circle so his left hand side was facing me. It's almost as if his head is permanently fixed to only turn left! I tried a couple more times of calling his name at different angles and the same thing keeps happening. He'll move his body around so that his left hand side is facing where I am standing.

    Has anyone experienced this? My vet isn't open again until Monday and this is worrying me. :s
  2. Yes I have just gone through this with one of my English Setters, he had an inner ear infection, not middle ear, which is quite bad. I spent months with his head tilted and going in circles, he was having his ears clean everyday and on anti. tablets in the end he had to go into the vets and stay the day where they flushed out hes ears. This infection in the inner ear is very painful and effects their balance. He needs tablets to start with to see if that helps but really you need to get him back up the vets as soon as poss. as this is quite painful for them. Hope this helps.
  3. Do you have an emergency vet in your area? If so, you might want to take Rocky in. They may be able to help him. Plus, if he's at all uncomfortable, they'll help with that too. No need for him to be miserable and you to worry if you don't have to. You don't need an appt. to go to one of these places. Good luck to you and Rocky. Thinking of you both!
  4. Poor thing. Thanks for that info about the ear infection, if I ever see my dogs doing it I will have an idea as to how to help them. Hope he gets better soon **hugs**
  5. Aw poor baby! I dont have a dog (even though i LOVE them) so i cant offer too much advice. Just keep a close eye on him until Monday.

    Give him lots of hugs and kisses!!
  6. Poor Baby!:sad: Yes -do take him to the vet for treatment. I hope he feels better soon!:yes:
  7. I was wondering the same thing... I know that must be troubling, so if I were you I'd call the emergency number too. Let us know how he is tomorrow!
  8. Oh no!!! How is he doing? Poor angel--be sure to let us know what you find out!!!
  9. Sounds like your baby may have arthritus/pinched nerves? It happened to mine and she was constipated too - she had pinched nerves that prevented her from moving freely, and it hurt to use her muscles so she was very backed up - it hurt to go #2. The vet gave her some painkillers to help ease the pain, and she's been on cosequence (spelling?) to help improve her joints and bones. She hasn't had an episode for over a year now. Good luck!
  10. lordguinny I was just wondering how your baby was doing?
  11. ^^ yeah, any updates?
    I hope he's okay!