My dog ate my new Coach!


Jan 9, 2006
:sad2: :sad2: :sad2: :sad2:

I came home from dinner this evening to find my new Coach had been attacked by my dog! He chewed off the handle, the strap and the tassel. I bought the bag on Friday from the Coach outlet - it still had the price tag on it!! It was the green hobo. Oh well, at least it was not terribly expensive ($179.00). I guess I should be thankful - my new Balenciaga City was sitting next to it!!!

Thanks for letting me share. I know you girls will understand my disappointment.
Thanks, everyone. I have learned my lesson - all my bags are on my top shelf of my closet. Tomorrow, I am going to go buy a HUGE bag of rawhides for my pup!
aaaw, poor you. i would be pretty upset. my doggy actually leaves my stuff a lone. i have shoes all over the floor, my bags are on a stool and when i come back they are exactly as i left it. she's a good girl. i tell her that all the time.
Oh no!! I think my dog knows better that to attack anything in my closet...

I'm so sorry though =( But yea, at least your daughter got a 'new' bag. Something good always comes out of something bad! OH and at least the Balenciaga is safe.