My dog ate my new Coach!

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  1. :sad2: :sad2: :sad2: :sad2:

    I came home from dinner this evening to find my new Coach had been attacked by my dog! He chewed off the handle, the strap and the tassel. I bought the bag on Friday from the Coach outlet - it still had the price tag on it!! It was the green hobo. Oh well, at least it was not terribly expensive ($179.00). I guess I should be thankful - my new Balenciaga City was sitting next to it!!!

    Thanks for letting me share. I know you girls will understand my disappointment.
  2. Oh no! But definitely better than that happening to your Balenciaga!!!
  3. Yes and now my 3 year old daughter is thrilled with her "new purse".
  4. i'm so sorry! thank god your dog didn't eat your balenciaga though!
  5. Eeek! That's not good :sad: Thank goodness he wasn't hungry for the Balenciaga!
  6. :P that's so cute. Thank god, the B bag is okay...whew! You have my sympathy :sad2: for the coach.
  7. Ouch! If my pets did that THEY'D be my new bag...and I think they know this too! LOL
  8. Thanks, everyone. I have learned my lesson - all my bags are on my top shelf of my closet. Tomorrow, I am going to go buy a HUGE bag of rawhides for my pup!
  9. Whew, thank god Coach taste better than Balenciaga.
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    He is a rather large Golden Retriever...could probably get more than one bag out of him!
  11. Eek! This is why my dog is banned from going into my bedroom unattended. Glad your Balenciaga is safe!
  12. aaaw, poor you. i would be pretty upset. my doggy actually leaves my stuff a lone. i have shoes all over the floor, my bags are on a stool and when i come back they are exactly as i left it. she's a good girl. i tell her that all the time.
  13. well maybe your dog also has very good taste... lol.
  14. My dog, a yorkie, never does stuff like that. I used to have a cat, though, who loved to shread everything! I'm so sorry for, but glad it wasn't the b-bag.
  15. Oh no!! I think my dog knows better that to attack anything in my closet...

    I'm so sorry though =( But yea, at least your daughter got a 'new' bag. Something good always comes out of something bad! OH and at least the Balenciaga is safe.
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