My dog ate my iPhone........... literally

  1. I am completely heart broken. My poor iPhone.... I want to cry!:crybaby::crybaby:

    I bought a new case for my phone Saturday. (leather in-case) I usually leave my phone laying on my bed, the 2 dogs never go near it..... but for some reason, my puggle was so attracted to the leather case she found the need to chew on it..... with the iPhone in it.
    I walked in the bedroom and shes sitting on the bed with it in her mouth, and I see that she chewed the corner of the leather so I thought, oh ok no biggie it's just the case. I pick the phone up and in the corner she had punctured the glass w/one of her teeth and it shattered the entire screen!!!!
    This isn't mine, but it looks kind of like this....
    Now, I have the choice of sending it in to apple and paying $250 for them to replace the glass screen overlay, buy a new iPhone, or buy an entirely different new phone..........
    Does anyone think it's worth the $250???

    (And needless to say, right now I'm not on speaking terms w/my dog. :blah:)
  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry this happened to you!!

    Well a new iPhone is what, $400? I personally would just buy a new one completely...
  3. Uh oh! Is your poor doggy okay?

    I guess I'd just buy a new one and laugh about the experience.
  4. OH NO!!! Hope your dog didn't actually ingest any pieces?! Sorry this happened to your phone (I love my iPhone and would be panicking right now!), but I don't thinkt he glass replacement for $250 is worth it. I'd skip the hassle of sending it back, waiting for it, etc and just get a new phone entirely. Another $400 is painful, I know, but just chalk it up to the price we pay for dog love!
  5. What are you looking for in a phone? If you're more concerned with form, then buy another iPhone. If you want a more advanced phone with more 3rd party app support, faster internet, and cheaper prices, then you have some options. I recently got the AT&T Tilt for 150 bucks on their premier site. I love it. It has 3G as well as wifi, so it's gonna be faster than the iPhone whenever you're not on wifi. You can also unlock it for free and load up new OS ROMS. Unlike the iPhone, you won't get bricked if you do a firmware update after you hack it (if that's your thing). I posted a few screen shots of my phone a few days ago, so search for my posts and you'll see what it looks like.
    Go here and enter your work email or your school email to see if you qualify for plan and phone discounts.
    Although, now that I think about it, I'm assuming you're not up for a contract renewal since you got your iPhone recently. In that case, it might be better to suck it up and shell out the 250 for a new screen. Perhaps hit up eBay??
  6. Hey charles,

    Just out of you just really hate everything Apple? LOL You never seem to have anything nice to say about any Apple products!

    To the OP....I would just buy a new iPhone!!!!
  7. you know you secretly want to spoon with Steve Jobs, Charles, don't fight it anymore.
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. Well, when Apple actaully produces something that I feel is worth their pricing, I'll give it a looksy. As it stands, I don't like the way their going with keeping everything within the Apple circle. Making their products intertwine with each other seamlessly. If you want flawless interaction, you better have a Mac. Which, in a way, I find ironic. One of the major gripes about MS back in the day was how it was so intertwined into PC achitecture (remember the MS internet explorer bundling law suit??), yet that's exactly what Apple's doing. If you have a Mac, iTunes, an iPhone and iPod, you're set. If not, eh. Pretty soon, they probably won't even support PC's.
    I like the fact that I can rip apart my PC and put in whatever graphics card I won't or any processor or load up Linux. I like that I can unlock MY phone and put whatever OS ROM on it I want without fearing the wrath of Apple bricking my phone if I want an update from them. It's like they're moving over into the Big Brother role of the computing companies.
    On top of reality, the only thing they make that's a good deal is a Mac (with all its iterations..aside from the Mac Air). They're not too much more than a PC now, and no matter what you say, it still performs the same job in the end. Everything else, they produce, is overpriced hypeware that carry the illusion of individuality.

  10. I'm actually up for a renewal of my contract, haven't gotten around to doing it yet. When I got to apples website it says that the tilts are $299??
  11. Did you go to the link I provided to see if you qualify for a discount?

  12. oh duh, it would help if I read your entire post...... through my company I'm eligible for a discount! :tup:
  13. Is it covered by insurance??
  14. Now migrate your acct over to a premier acct. Even if you don't get a new phone through premier, you'll get a discount on your plan. Although, for some reason I think you won't get a discount on the iPhone or the iPhone plan. Could be wrong though. So if you decide to stick with the iPhone, you might want to call to confirm any discounts. If you go with something else, I know for sure you'll get phone and plan discounts.
  15. Sorry this happened to you. Your doggie is so cute. Perhaps you could sell your broken iphone on ebay and get a new one if you want to stay with ATT.