My dog ate my bubble earrings!

  1. They were in a box in their LV bag and my chihuahua somehow got the bag down and opened the box. When I got home everything was ripped to shreds and the earrings were gone! Even if he poops them out, I don't think I'd want to wear them anymore. :sad:
  2. OMG... I hope you're puppy is ok. Sorry to hear about the earrings.
  3. Oh that little cute puppy! He is so sweet I am sure he poops icecream! I say a little Lysol and they are ready to be listed on eBay!!! Tee Hee!!!
  4. OH NO!!!!! I am sorry!!!!
  5. OMG I hope you puppy is fine!
  6. oh man....:oh: I do hope your pup is fine. we don't want the earing to cause any damage to your pup's insides...
  7. EEK! :push:

    Is your doggy okay? .... Oh, I sure hope he is.

    Maybe you should take him to the Vet just in case. :shrugs: Just to be sure that those earrings won't get stuck or hurt him inside of his little tummy. :cry:

    Really sorry to hear about the earrings and especially your cute doggy.

    Best Wishes to him! :flowers:
  8. ^Please take him to the vet! You don't want the hooks on your bubble earrings to make your puppy ill.

    Sorry to hear about the bubble earrings though. Hope all will be well for you.
  9. Sorry to hear that but you do need to make sure they pass. My dog has done similar stuff and the vet said as long as it doesn't get stuck we would be okay. Good luck.
  10. :roflmfao:

    I hope your dog is fine...
  11. Maybe he played with them and hid them somewhere and didn't eat them. I hope he didn't and he's ok.
  12. Your poor doggie- I hope it's better soon. Did he poop them out yet?
  13. I'm so sorry to hear that. I've had similar bad doggie experiences, so I feel your pain :sad:
  14. Poor doggie! You have to control his output, it's really necessary that the earrings "come out". If not, you have to go to the veterinary! Good luck! The earrings can be replaced!
  15. Definately get him in for a set of x-rays asap. And call LV to find out what the materials are. Gold can do a lot of damage to your dogs health, especially a small dog.