My dog ate my bag, AGAIN!! (Pics!)

  1. As some of you may recall, my beloved Golden Retriever, Seymour, ate a brand new Coach bag earlier this year. Well, I guess I did not learn my lesson because I discovered today that he ate the entire tassle off my Bulga butterfly bag!! :wtf: The crazy thing is I am not even sure when he did it. I had it hanging on the bottom of the stairs and the tassle is just, simply, gone. The funny thing is I can't be very mad at him. You see, my brand new Alexander McQueen Novak was sitting, not far, on the dining room table. Yikes!! He did the same thing last time...the Coach bag was sitting right next to my brand new Cornflower City!! Anyway, here is a picture of the Purseater!! He is a very good actor, so don't feel too bad for him.
    Seymour - Bad Dog.jpg
  2. Oh, and here is a picture of my new Novak (with Speedy in the background.) Such a close call!!
  3. Lol, sorry about the bag. He is so cute though! Love your new bag.
  4. im sorrry glily 4 ur bags... why dont u keep them in their dust bags/boxes? u know u have a naughty guy ..he's SOO CUTE :heart:
  5. can you stay mad. Look at that face....
  6. Awwwww! He really looks like he's sorry! What a remorseful expression!! Too cute! But keep him away from the city and speedy!!!!!!
  7. Chloe, I know, I need to put them away! I am usually very good about it, given the episode with the Coach bag. However, I had just switched bags and left the Bulga on the stairs and my Novak had just arrived. It just never occurs to me that he might eat my bag! He is 8 years old - well beyond the chewing stage!

    PGN, now that you say that, my Speedy sits on a table in my bedroom!!! Better go move it now!!
  8. Thanks, Coachlover! I am in love with my new bag, too. It's amazing IRL.
  9. glily plz becareful next time .. kisss the cutie for me :love::kiss:
  10. He is too cute!! That red bag looks really good on him.
  11. Be glad he didn't eat the entire thing!! :graucho:

    My rottengirl ate one of my Mephisto sandals early this summer; I wondered where the largish buckle went, figured it got kicked under a piece of furniture and I'd turn it up later.

    It did turn up later: she puked it up RUSTED over a MONTH later!! :blink:
  12. OMG! I think you will have to place your bags higher up!
  13. so funny:lol: my golden is 11 and she doesn't do that anymore but when she wsa younger i had to hide or keep things out of her reach. can't get mad at 'em though - they are SO LOVEABle.
    sorry about your bag.
  14. One time my cat chewed the tips off my pointy shoes. I was so mad but it was too tempting for him I guess.
  15. sorry about your bags!! oh your doggie is soo's so hard to get mad at them!!