Arts & Crafts My DIY Z-Palettes!

Aug 28, 2008
I've been looking for some ideas for a freestyle makeup palette that is cute and affordable. I've seen people use CD or DVD cases and I just think they're tacky looking (no offense to those who do use them though!). It's just personal preference. I made these the same size as my MAC palettes so that they have a uniform look to them while being stored.

The leopard print one was my first one, and then I decided to try to make another with the clear front. I love them both! It cost me less than $10 to make both, with the help of coupons of course!

Please let me know what you think. I'd love some feedback on these (:



Jun 4, 2007
those are really cute! and a great way to store makeup.
are the boxes actual boxes you had, or did you actually construct those yourself also?


New Member
Jan 26, 2012
You did a great job. I have several Z Palettes and they look close to them. I would be careful of selling them though all my Z Palettes say they are patented. Just a thought.