My distressed pink coffer is stained!!!!

  1. Many of you know I recently bought a medium size pink coffer in distressed calf leather and was so in love. Yesterday I was really to take her out with me and saw that my bag is stained with color of my jeans!!!!!!:wtf: I have only used her like twice!!!! !I tried taking pics but the stain is too light to see in pics. I know it's only gonna get worse!!! What can I do to rescue this and prevent the stain to get darker and darker?? The pink color is not the light blushed color but quite rich!!! You know, my 2 kenneth cole leather purses don't even have this problem and they are only a fraction of the price of a coffer.:crybaby:
  2. many Balenciaga owners use Apple Guarde Rain and Stain Repellant.
    I don't know if it would work on your bag, but it has never changed my Bal bags. Has anyone tried this on Miu Miu?
  3. I tried it on a white leather purse and it's not that fantastic. Apple Guarde will repel light rain and stains but not color transfer from denim. But some Chanel owners have some success with products from loving my bags. They were able to 'clean' off the transfer on their white lambskin purses. I don't know if using product would take color off tulip618's purse though.


    Have you tried calling loving my bags? If it's very slight color transfer, you may be able to clean it off. Do you have pictures?
  4. Porous fabrics such as cotton and linen with intense colored dyes will "bleed", be that onto another fabric/leather or in the water when you wash it. Denim and light colored handbags are not a good match. Hopefully you can get it off.
  5. Thanks alisonanna, linpaddy and sckcs!! Who's "loving my bags"?? can you give me a little more info?
  6. They have been mentioned on tPF a bunch of times. You might try the search and see what you can come up with. They're supposed to be really good at restoring and helping with your bags.
  7. my goodness, I wouldn't think that the distressed pink would have color transfer problem
  8. It's not really the bag that has the problem, it's the jeans. Jeans have a dark intense dye. Put that rubbing against anything lighter than the jeans and the color will come off. Wash your jeans with a light colored towel and see what color the towel ends up being. That's why our Mom's always told us to wash dark colors together. I learned my lesson years ago the hard way. Luckily, it wasn't an expensive bag.
  9. My mom taught me to presoak my dark jeans in cold water with a cup of dissolved salt. That will set the color somewhat and stop color transfer when you put it in the wash. But you must wash your dark jeans before carrying your light purses. I usually 'season' my dark jeans before carrying my purses with them. Or simply switch to black purses.

    tulip618, I feel your pain. It happened to me once. :crybaby: