*~*~* MY Disappointing Coach's Therapy Session *~*~*

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  1. #1 Jul 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2009
    Usually all my Coach's Therapy's Session are very pleasant een the time I leave empty handed or someone got the bag I want.. Well I went to SPO today. Everything was good and found some little things I want.. SA are very nice there to me since they know I come in often.. Even one SA told me about new bag just came and and they will be out on the floor so I should stick around.. I wait for another 30 min.. Found another bag I really like and NEED :yahoo:.. Another SA even told me the scarf I was holding was even 50% off not regular price. :graucho: I was standing in line another lady give me her extra 20% coupon.. I took it even though I already have one.. The person ring me up even scan my 20% off coupon.. The manager stop by and told me I couldnt use it since I use it already earlier in the week..WTF.. I was like,"No I didnt." I admited I'm guilty for being an outlet's stalker since I'm there almost everyday this week.. I try explaining to her.. I was there on Monday and I did buy something.. The coupon havent even started yet.. I was there on Wednesday for a PA since I did buy something a week earlier and they still have that item in the store. I was there on Thursday with a friend.. I didnt buy anything just my friend. I even told her to look it up in the computer for my history.. I know they keep a record of all the things I buy and when I buy them.. She refuse to and even ring me up just to make sure I dont get that discount.. I just wanted to leave there ASAP.

    At least I was walking toward the door my fave SA came in and say hi to me.. I explain to her what happened.. She didnt even get why either.. SHe even told me since the coupon came out there been people buying a lot of stuff and using it multiple times.. Even there a lady came in buy 10 items of some bag/wristlet and she come in everyday.. So they are letting reseller and other regulars there use the coupon multiple times?? Well i left in a hurry anyway since I feel like the manager have an out for and didnt want her to get in trouble for talking to me since I wasnt buying anything..

    BTW I only brought 2 must-haves.. Reveal will be tomorrow since I'm at work now.. Sorry check back tomorrow or really early morning PST..

    thank for letting me vent.. I feel like I will banned SPO and head up Burlington from now on even it take me 1 hour to get there instead of 20 min drive..
  2. crapp..
    i hate it when they (the Coach staffs) themselves that spoils the fun!
  3. WTF??? That is crazy!!! Why would the managet care if you did already use the coupon anyway??? I am sorry. That would make me mad enough to stop shopping Coach. Bummer. Yeah, I'd drive to the farther outlet in the future.
  4. That's awful treatment!!!
  5. That really sucks!
  6. :tdown: I would be steamed if I were you!
  7. oh no you were apparently way too nice about this. you continued with your transaction with no discount? why are some SAs and managers so bent on being rude jerks. i love it when the managers act as though they personally own the coach corp.. definately hang on to that receipt. you def need to make some phone calls to get this fixed.
  8. You are a better woman than I am...I would have thrown a fit.
  9. Well I'm a very content person.. I dont get mad easily.. Well I was really mad, but I didnt see any good it would throwing a fit.. She is one of the store manager after all. There really no one else at the time I can complain to..
  10. Well I was going to buy a whole bunch of stuff, but I didnt see the point anymore.. So i only brought 2 must have items I love.. Otherwise I can make 1 hour drive to another outlet to get the other items I didnt buy.. All the SA there were really nice to meet since they do know I come in once a week and call at least 3 times to check if they have certain bags..

    Who else can I complain to?
  11. #11 Jul 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009
    I dont even know why she care.. What really pissed me off was that she didnt even try to listen to me that I didnt buy anything with the 20% off coupon previously and refuse to look up my transaction history.. In addition I use my merchandise card to partially pay for it..She was even ruder when one of my credit card declined.. Guilty me to spending too much.. I didnt even have time to pull out another card yet..

    SM- "if you dont have another form of payment you going to have to loose your store credit."
    Me- if I dont the money to pay for it now and walked out the door I would loose $80?"
    SM - yea

    I feel like she either hate me for stalking the outlet or getting all the great bag that she might want. :P If not she racist.. I seen her be rude to other Asian people before.. She much nicer to everyone else.. Another reason could be that she judge the way I dress... Very casual/scrubby, not dressing up, no make up, but always a designer bag in hand.. (basically I'm poor to her eyes).. Sorry to her for not dressing up like a rich person and like to be comfortable.. I'm a mom with children who are very high maintenance with a full time job.. I dont have the time to do make up and my skin are sensitive..
  12. I'm so sorry this happened to you! Ugh, that treatment is just gross!

    I would take that stuff back to the other outlet and get a PA. And then I would ask for the regional manager's phone number.
  13. #13 Jul 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009
    Very very poor customer service how dare the manager of all people in the Coach Store treat anyone in such a manner so disrespectful monitering what a customer is buying.

    The manager needs to take a look in the mirror and realize who keeps her employed The Customers of course.

    If a Manager or SA is rude at any retailer I shop I tell them you must not like your job or need your job. Also, I get the Manager's name or SA name Coporate office email add and telephone number
    and inform them of horrible customer service:nono:

    Sorry she was so rude to you and she needs to be reported.
  14. Send a email to Coach Corporate Office including the store location date and time you was shopping. Also if you don't have the managers name call the store ask who was the Manager On Duty and get her name.

    Include all your information in your email to Corporate address it to one of the VPs like the Corporate Headquaters Manager and get that persons name they will follow up.

    Oh yeah don't forget to include how she seems to be rude towards people of different races.
  15. Thank you so much for everyone thought.. Since almost everyone recommend me to file a complaint.. Maybe TPFer here can point out the direction of where to look for Coporate Email Address and phone number? I have never done anything like this before like how do I file a complain.. How should my letter started out with? ANy ideas owuld help.. thank you