my DIRTY little secret

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  1. Before 2003 I wasn't aware of what Louis Vuitton was. I like in a small town in Louisiana, which only has one LV store @ Saks. I've heard references being made to Louis Vuitton before. Well I was dating a guy named Benjamin. He like a couple hours away from me && went on a lot of business trips. I used to worry about what he was doing when he was gone. One time he came home from Houston with a Purse for me. I was EXCITED. It was my first Louis Vuitton. I carried it around like it was a prize. I even took it out to Bouron Street one night to see my Friend preform in a drag show @ one of the gay bars. I had a couple people ask me if it was fake, but when they opened it up && saw the red lining they took back their remarks && appoligezed. Well Benjamin && I broke up not long after that. It was a rough break-up so I decided that I didn't want to hold on to our past. So I made an e-bay account && attempted to sell my Louis Vuitton online. Well to my suprise I got some hateful messages about selling a fake.

    Come to find out the purse was indeed fake. I was devistated && wanted to burn it. But for some ODD reason I kept it. I call it my DIRTY secret because I know how much fakes are hated. && the thought of me owning one upset me completely. But it's not like I bought it or knew any better. I should have known when the zipper broke after 4 months.

    I'm proud to say that my current boyfriend bought me a real one, which you have all seen. I'm so in love with him && my Mini Lin. So.....I took some pictures of my old purse before I threw it away. I thought u all might want to see thing DIRTY secret of mine.....


    I'm soo worried that everyone will think badly of me know.....oh my goodness.
    I just had to get this off of my one knows it was a fake but Ya'll...

  2. i'm glad that youre with someone better now!

    my bf hates fakes so i think im in good hands.. except he hates lv lol but he loves rock & republic just like i do =]
  3. I'm glad I'm with someone better too. My b/f would have no idea as to what rock & republic sell. He might think they sell sporting
  4. Hum... guess its not a dirty little secret are out of the closet and welcome to the authentic world of LV... and congrats on your new beau
  5. Thank you....I am currently loving the authentic world of LV.
  6. glad that you found someone better......
  7. I wonder if it weren't a fake, would people have asked you if it's fake?

    There are sooooo many MC fakes around. That's why I haven't bought anything in MC yet, even though I desperately want it.
  8. Looks like you finally have an authentic boyfriend too.

  9. I'm glad You finally have nice bf and authentic purse, lol
  10. Glad you had the courage to share, hey, everyone makes bag mistakes... thankfully it was an EX-BOYFRIEND :lol:. Welcome to the world of authentic love.
  11. Glad you found someone better!!! Thanks for sharing with us, no shame in you not knowing it was a fake. I didn't know about fakes that much before this year. Congrats on your new bf and your new authentic deserve it:heart:
  12. I used to buy fakes too, when I didn't know the difference! Then, I joined TPF and I became ashamed of my old ways.:Push:
    I'm glad to know there is someone else with a similar experience! Now we can be converts together and spread that word that fakes are not OK!:yucky:
  13. Well for what its worth, you have the real deal now. You had no idea but do now and that is all tha matters.
    Do as you wish the the fake.... Perhaps send it to your Ex and let him know you are aware its fake. Maybe he didnt know ?
    In any event, you've moved on in moth situation... Enjoy the new boyfriend and authentic Louis :smile:

    Merry Christmas
  14. Small towns get LV and a Saks, and the 17th largest city in the country does not? What gives? :cursing:

    Sorry, I had to vent how that infuriates me that I have to drive an hour to shop good.

  15. you threw it away???? i had a fake when i was like four, and i had it in a drawer, and i gave it to my cousin. she doesnt really care if its fake or not...