My Dirty Little Secret - Coming clean!

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  1. embarrassing as this is, I am going to post "my dirty little secret" which is that I have 4 rooms that are jam pack full of stuff that I have attempted to get organized, but just never really took it all the way. I get about 2-3 hours in, get frustrated and then start shoving everything anywhere so that I don't have to 'see' the mess.

    These rooms I don't even go into much because the clutter makes me feel like I am being suffocated and I do realize that I have lots of hidden gems that I forget about and I really want to organize it the best way I can, but just get so overwhelmed.

    I thought about going on that show 'clean sweep' or 'mission organization' or even hiring a professional organizer, but when I think about someone telling me that I have to get rid of any of my accessories, I almost have a panic attack! :sad:

    SOoooo since u girls are so good at giving advice, I thought I would 'come clean' about realizing that I am an in-the-closet pack rat and I need suggestions to get this process going! Sigh...ok here are my pics. The blue room is the designated room to become a big closet in the grand finale. Please feel free to share suggestions or links to ideas or whatever u think might help, because this is just not working anymore!










  2. [​IMG]

  3. Whoa. I couldn't do it, lol. When I moved though I was forced to and I dont know if this will help you much, but just start by taking everything out the room. Figure out how you want to organize the room (bags here, shoes here), then just bring everything back in and put them in their place. Could take a while. Hopefully the other ladies have better, less time consuming suggestions.

    Lol, I've seen some of those shows you mentioned and I would NOT want someone telling me what I can and cannot keep either. I'd probably lose my temper at them. They just snatch stuff away from you and toss them X_x I'd have a heart attack! But another show, they cleared each room out and then sorted everything into giant bins, then re-organized the room.

    Good luck girl!
  4. Mona: don't panic! It doesn't look that bad to me. The houses they invade on Clean Sweep are way worse. All you need to do is take it one step at a time and first come up with a plan that you can stick with. Do you plan on keeping all the stuff in the pictures? If so, head to the container store and pick out some storage baskets and some brochures. The next step would be to label each storage basket so you know where to look for everything. Keep a master list of all stored items so you know where to find them later. If I come across any info that could be helpful for you I'll be sure to pass it on. Good luck.
  5. ya that's exactly what I need...a plan! I do really well with plans. I just got to get one and I will be ok lol
  6. That's cus u don't have to live here!!! lololl
  7. I call my guest room my storage...:shame:. I can't give any advice because I struggle with this too but I wish you luck and going through it all will be like shopping after you find all the new stuff.
  8. Wow!
    Now, that is really not so bad. I've seen much worse.
    I am the queen of organization, this is very doable. :biggrin:

    The first thing you need to do is sort.
    You're gonna have to cannibalize a large space for a while, maybe your living room.
    Move everything out of your 'junk' rooms, and make piles.
    Shoes in one pile, bags in another, clothes here, house stuff here, books there.
    The goal is to empty out the cluttered rooms and categorize.

    Then sit down and make a list of your piles;
    Then a list of your storage areas, and start brainstorming what goes where. Once the rooms are empty it will just begin to will be struck by "Ah-ha! This is where the shoes go, and I'll put the handbags there, and..."
    Once you have decided what goes where, move one pile at a time. If you get the stuff into a room and it doesn't work, move it.

    Getting everything out is key. Clutter is visually so chaotic is scrambles our ability to think clearly and logically. It will seem much less overwhelming once you do that first step. Good luck, can't wait to see what treasures you unearth! :nuts:
  9. I agree with Lucrezia...your rooms are not that me, on Oprah I saw worse...MUCH worse.

    You dont have to throw your accessories away...maybe you can start by piling all of the same thing in different categories.

    I bet you could go onto 'Bag Showcase' and check out Baggaholic's walk-in closet room...and check out how nicely she has it organized and maybe get some ideas...:amuse:

    let us know how it turns out~!
  10. thank you for being so honest with us...
  11. Search out Sandra Felton, the Organizer Lady - she sends out free e-mails daily helping clutterbugs get their lives in order, via her yahoo group.

    I'm a natural born hoarder, collector and clutterbug and she helped me get my life straight - I can't recommend her enough!

    Cx PS the reason she's so good is she's "one of us" - ie, she understands why people hoard and therefore isn't as manic as some professional organizers who just think throwing everything out is the path to happiness. ;)
  12. Mona I agree w/ everything Lucrezia said. I am very big on organization and neatness also. It will take some work but you will get there. I just organized my girlfriend's closet and when I was done she had 14 garbage bags of stuff for Good Will. I just kept pulling things out of her closet and she kept saying "Wait, I need you to give me a reason for getting rid of it." I told her "Because I said so, and that was that." Perhaps enlist a close friend to help and honestly go through it all w/ you and seperate it into piles of things that you may be able to part w/ and organize the rest in various containers. Good luck!
  13. I second Lucrezia's advice. I would add to do this when you are mad-it will make you more ruthless and honest with yourself about whether you really need all of these things.
  14. Monablu - you can do it! I've watched those clean up shows, and even though the final product is amazingly tidy, I think you can definitely do this on your own!

    Take an entire weekend and remove all distractions!! Better yet, maybe if you can even take 1-2 personal days off work to extend the weekend - that would be helpful. No kids. No BF or DH. Turn off your cell phone. It's better to do everything within a few days because otherwise you may start and never finish. Watch those clean up shows (my absolute favorite is called neat) as an inspiration, but the real motivation will come from within you! I think you've made a great decision to de-clutter and organize your home! GOOD LUCK!
  15. Looks to me like you've gotten some GREAT advise here! These ladies sound like experts on organization. I may take some of this advise for myself! Hope it all works out well for you!

    It's really not that bad! And I really like your decor!