My Diorlitas!!!

  1. I finally got these shoes and I love them so much!! :heart: :heart:

    Diorlita (2).jpg
  2. Oooh they are cute!!!! Congrats!!
  3. Beautiful!! Congratulations!

    I wish they had some left in my size :sad:
  4. Very cute shoes-congrats
  5. Thank you! It was a bargain too. I only paid $47 plus shipping! :smile:
  6. WHAT THE?!?!?!? WHOA! THey are SO pretty! I LOVE the look of the sides (and of course the rest of the shoe)!!!!!!

    Where do you get deals like this?!
  7. Wow cute shoes and very good deal! Double jackpot :yahoo:
  8. PRETTY! I didn't know they look THAT good in beige... wow... great find

    and are they comfy? haha i can fill my feet twitching just wanting to put them on!
  9. so you got your outlet purchase delivered today? that means my order should be arriving within the next day or so!
  10. love it!
    congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Woodbury commons! Check out dior outlet items thread. All shoes were 75% off and they still are. I dont' think they have many left.
  12. They are comfortable. Not bad at all for 4 inch heels.:yahoo:
  13. congrats! they look perfect for summer!
  14. OH! I didn't know they ended up being so cheap after the 75% discount! You can't even get used Dior shoes on eBay for that price (unless they look very used).

    I wish the outlets shipped to Canada!!!!!
  15. mmm perfect summer shoes ...and so pretty...congrats!!!:yes: