My Dior!

  1. Hi, I am new here and thought I would join in by saying hello and posting a picture of my Dior bags :tup:
  2. Great collection!
  3. beautiful and welcome x
  4. Welcome!
    I love your dior bags. :heart:
  5. love your diors!!

    and welcome!
  6. Thank you all so much - I think I am going to love it here :yahoo:

    Would this be the right place to post pictures of Dior shoes too???
  7. Welcome! I love your bags, especially the mini lady dior I want one so bad, it's gorgeous.
  8. omg look at those lady diors ! i :heart: your collection! :tup:

    pls pls pls post the shoes as well....:drool:

    oh and ... a warm welcome to tPF !
  9. It's pretty bag!
  10. wow you have a LOVELY collection!
  11. wow, that's a classy collection of lady diors there. :drool: fabulous! and of course, welcome to the board! ;)
  12. Welcome, and love your family
  13. nice collection. :smile:
  14. Cute bags!
  15. Thank you!

    Dior shoes & boots pics too :tup:

    (whoops, didn't mean to add the Dolce boots pic!)
    mycollectiondiorshoes.jpg mycollectiondolceboots.jpg