My Dior white gaucho tote and Petrol MJ!!!

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  1. Okay so I decided to go out to check on Dior Gaucho tote in white and I thanks Daisy for this because she told me there was one white one left at Dior store on Wednesday. I told my husband I was going to window shopping only of course! and it was my first intention..:biggrin: .
    And I came home with two bags!! :evil: :biggrin: :nuts: :nuts: .

    Dior white gaucho tote and MJ quilted in petrol!! I can't help it because I fell in love with both bags! I love the gaucho tote because it is a quite unique tote and different. I love the MJ because of its colour which I have been looking for. Also the size that's not as big as the rest of my bag I have recently bought. I love the quilted caviar leather in MJ and gold chains also make the bags looks chic. Enjoy the pics girls I thought I share them with you the bag lovers!!!!

    And no more bags for me for awhile and Wicked..I am sorry! I failed and..thank goodness the gold/silver spy bag hasn't arrived yet!

    White Gaucho 01.JPG

    White Gaucho 02.JPG

    White Gaucho 03.JPG

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  2. Sweetea - Those bags are definitely you!!! Especially the Gaucho! I can't get over how great it looks on you!

  3. Sweetea, that bag looks amazing on you!!!! I'm soooo happy for you. I finally got hooked on this bag and just ordered a red one from Dior in NY. Can't wait to get it!!!! Thanks for posting pics!
  4. Congrats, Sweetea! They are both beautiful bags and look GREAT on you! I'm jealous :P Enjoy them :nuts:
  5. Thanks Balenciagalove, Kat and Cristina. You are so sweet! I can't believe I got the gaucho. The SA said it won't be in the store again for long time! will love the this bag! Ohh don't forget to post the pics when you gets it. I bet the red is gorgeous too!
  6. YAY!! I'm really surprised they still had the tote! It really does look great on you. Now we can be the Houton tote twins!

    Did you get the MJ at Saks? I have always had my eye on that bag... glad you snagged it!
  7. Yes! wW are the tote twins now Daisy!! He he..I couldn't believe it either that it was still there when I got there! Maybe it meant to be for me:lol: .

    I got the MJ at Saks! There is one left there!! better hurry he he..:P :biggrin: .
  8. I like the bags and you're so cute. =)
  9. Sweetea, you're so cute, :amuse: you look so happy with your gorgeous bags! I'm very happy for you.
  10. both bags are lovely! you too!!! :amuse:
  11. Very nice!!!!!!love that you can wear over the shoulder!
  12. Hey you are the first one that noticed that:shame: . I am glad too and it's important to me that I can wear it over my shoulder:biggrin: .

    Thanks everyone!
  13. OMG sooo beautiful!!! Both are so different! Congrats and you are so lucky! You made great choices!
  14. Sweetea, your bags look great!