My Dior Scarf

  1. I scored this beautiful piece of art at my local boutique. It was on 50% and I grabbed it. Photo doesn't do justice to the pink background and the lovely prints.

  2. This is really pretty! I'd love to use it as a bag scarf though. The pink would look gorgeous on black

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  3. Nice! I love the script-like Dior logos along the edges.
  4. So pretty, so Dior.

    Congratualations, now don't forget to wear it ;)
  5. Thanks. This is the big scarf so it would be too huge for bag actually. I might wear it as a halter top!
  6. Thanks, I'll try, haha.
  7. Thanks, I love it too.
  8. It's so pretty. Congrats!!
  9. Good choice and the discount just makes it sweeter! I really love how Dior has revamped their scarf offerings with these beautiful prints.
  10. That's a very pretty scarf! Love the detailed drawings. Congrats!
  11. Chiffon, isn't it? i love it!! Congras.. :tup::tup::hbeat:
  12. So pretty!
  13. It's 100% silk!

    Thanks all for loving it! :smile:
  14. OMG I have been looking at Dior scarves a lot...I will definitely add one to appease my Dior fetish one day. It's a beautiful scarf and I love the print -- have been looking at similar ones -- congrats!!
  15. P.S. My SA tells me that most Dior scarves tell a story...I love that...