1. Hey what do you all think of the MY Dior medium sized bag in black leather? Appreciate the comments, since Im thinking of buying one.
  2. I want this bag so bad! Its the softest leather and its a great over the shoulder bag. I saw it at the Dior Boutique and just fell in love. I would definitly recommend it.
  3. Thanks fashion guru, I also think its a great bag for everyday use and with such a classic style. You're right the leather is sooo soft!
  4. I saw one in beige and it was tdf soo beautiful, however I will not buy it, in fear that someday it will go on sale.
  5. I love it.
  6. I really like Mydior line. I didnt love it when it first came out, but it grew on me:love: I like the black medium mydior too, but my favourite is the east/west mydior. I think the pocket infront adds something extra lol.
  7. oh, could someone post a pic? :shame:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. oh that one is great! I was thinking of the even bigger one that that! hehe
  10. [​IMG]

    were u referring to this one?:smile:
  11. nope there is one that is larger than the first picture posted and it has no pockets on the outside. Its sooooo cute, i can't find a pic of it though.
  12. If you wait long enough everything goes on sale! Its the wanting part that's hard to tame :smile:
  13. it's nice.
  14. is it this one?:confused1: i know theres pockets on the side, but these were the only ones i could find on
    Picture 12.jpg Picture 13.jpg
  15. That is gorgeous! :nuts: