My Dior Large Pockets Bag

  1. I would finally like to spend a lot of money on a nice, classic bag. I purchased the Chloe Edith but not sure if it's right since you can carry it on your shoulder. Then I spotted the My Dior Large Pockets Bag.
    eLUXURY - Dior - My Dior Large Pockets Bag Dior#
    I really like the way it looks but I've never seen the actual bag. I need a second opinion.
  2. I've seen some My Dior bags at Holt Renfrew and they look AMAZING! They are somewhat structured while being relaxed and casual, and most of them are huge. The leather is really soft, and the pockets add a very nice touch.

    Here's a bag from the My Dior line which isn't on Eluxury and looks amazing (IMO):

    My Dior Shopper
  3. i was sitting on the fence with the leather ones, but the my dior ones with the monogram won me over, they look really gorgeous IRL.
  4. The bag is incredibly gorgeous but also massive!! It fits over the shoulder, but because it is so bulky, I feel like I would just knock over someone (e.g. my 7 year old!) if I turned around!

    There is a medium sized one that is I think only available at Dior boutiques. However, it's a tighter fit on the shoulder and rather uncomfortable unless one has great arms and also isn't wear a jacket.

    The leather lining and structured shape is really beautiful!

    I love the medium size one but I just need the straps a little longer...:crybaby:
  5. Love it! Dior has exquisite leather!
  6. I tried it on last week and it's fantastic. The handles are just right for slinging over your shoulder and it has plenty of room. The pockets are sooo cute and the little Dior logo matches the ballet flats I bought. Come Spring I'm probably going to buy it in white :smile:
  7. I love the Dior large pocket bag also. It looks really dressy, do you think that one could dress it down to wear with jeans? I love the 40 cm single pocket(largest size) in black. Opinions welcomed!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I just saw the tote in both sizes at Saks in PA.The smaller size is PLENTY big..I think the large one is TOO BIG.They are TDF....
  9. I have the smaller shopper, which is really quite large and I LOVE it. The one with the zipper pocket is also a real beauty. I love all the styles of the MyDIOR collection. I an thinking of buying the white medium for summer. These are great bags. The leather lining inside is awesome and the outside leather is sturdy and just gets better with use.
  10. I really like this bag. I decided on the double pocket instead of the single. Iwould like it in black. There are beautiful pumps both round and pointed toe. I like the round toe with the really heel. They are 390 Euro, ouch! Will call Paris tommorrow to see if they are available . Has anyone actually seen the pump in round toe?