my dior gaucho and fendi hologram bags!

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  1. so i got the dior from saks, and i was kind of dissappointed i didn't get a dior box to go with it. but i guess it's ok, they gave me a saks box. :sad2: i called and they said they don't have boxes for bags. guess now we know! so here it is. i really love it. my bf took the pics of the bags on me.

    that's crunchy! say hi. i'm pretty small, under 5 feet so i can use it as a messenger. i love that. the bag cost 1395 + nyc tax. haha.

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  2. Beautiful bag! It looks great on you.
  3. HOT bag!!! Great buy!!!
  4. here's the pic of my hologram spy. i was going to return it, but now after seeing these pics, i am going to keep it.

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  5. here's one more detailed pic. :biggrin: ok so that's it, no more bags for me till fall.... :lol:

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  6. You are killing me over there!!! GREAT looking bags!!!
  7. I love the spy! :love:
  8. I looove the hologram spy, glad you decided to keep it !

    And your doggie is adorable, he just looks so pleased to be in the picture. ;)
  9. Fayden, they are beautiful bags!!! I love your taste. Is that bag a medium? My large is being shipped right now and I am now worried that it will completely dwarf me because I got the large. How is the white? I am 5'7" so I am hoping it's not that big, but seeing how that one looks on you, I'm thinking that it might be too big. :worried:
  10. Great bags Fayden! :biggrin: You make that gaucho look so cute! I don't know why its $1285 here. Still trying to figure that out.
  11. Woaw!!! Hot Hot Hot!
  12. I am clearly losing my mind. I just double posted with the same thing!!! Editing now.
  13. nah i saw the large, you mean double saddle right? it's not much bigger than the medium. it's just thicker. but it's about the same size length wise. it will look perfect on you. i'm REALLY short, 5 feet and under! so don't worry.
  14. oh my doggy is a she. she's such a camera whore. it's so funny because she really does look like a HE. :lol:
  15. 1285??? go buy one!