My Dior Family


Dior Princess
My Dior Girly boston!! Finally after waiting all these years this baby is mine!! :yahoo:

Dior Girly Boston & pouch

My only Gaucho so far! But I love it :graucho:

Dior Gaucho in brown with golden metal chain (Cruise 07 collection)

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Dior Princess
At last but not least, some make up bags, jewelry, box, leaflets etc!

J'adore Dior & I :heart: Dior bags
Dior Addict & Dior logo bracelet

A lot of Dior make up bags hehe :nuts:

Dior box, to store some of my make up items ;)

Some Dior folders :P

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Dior Dragon
Dec 29, 2007
Copenhagen, Denmark
Ahhhh - beautiful :biggrin: great with some Dior eyecandy!

Thanks for the get well wishes - amazing that it is possible to catch a cold in 77 degrees F (25 degrees C) which unfortunately spread to include an ear infection ... I am hoping to get back to work tomorrow, it is so incredibly boring to be home