My Dior "Collection"

  1. Hi guys

    Wanted to share ma dior's collection ;)

    5 dior.jpg
  2. Wow. Love your watch with the different straps and your jewelry. :wtf: The ribbon one is that a necklace or a bracelet? Is it fine jewelry? Love it! :heart: :heart:
  3. Thanx Chrystalline :heart:

    The ribbon one is a bracelet (pink in colour) very cute! i have its matching ring (has a ribbon too) and earings (Long chains with dangling ribbon) .. They are posted in the pic :smile: .
  4. Opps! lol.. i just realized that u meant the jewelled necklace :p ..

    Yes dear, its a necklace.
  5. It's really lurvely. :yahoo: I didn't see the ring (eyesight's not the best), thanks for pointing it out but love that too. I had a peek at the Dior site and your ring is there and it's really beautiful.:heart: Apparently "the ribbon ones" are called "Petit Tralala". Haha love tha name as well. Congrats! :love: :love:
  6. :love: love it all
  7. Fabulous Collection!
  8. i love the watch with interchangeable straps! nice collection!
  9. Love the watch ! :yes:
  10. That watch is so nice.
  11. me too!

    lovely collection!!
  12. Very nice! Thanks for sharing~!
  13. beautiful jewelry you've got there! :drool::drool:
    thanks for sharing!
  14. gorgeous collection :drool::drool:
  15. Great collection.