My Dior Collection

  1. I just bought the Logo Charms bag and Lady Dior evening bag:yahoo: so I thought I'd take an update picture of my Dior family:heart:. It's small, but I've only been collecting since March.

    Oh, and thanks to Nat and Ultimate for helping me authenticate the Lady Dior evening bag. I got it from that consignment shop for $500 and when I got it today it looks like it has never been used.:graucho: So, I'm WAY excited, thanks ladies!:tup:

    Pink Lady Dior

    Logo Charms Leather

    Red Medium Detective

    Trotter Romantique Baguette
  2. Lady Dior Rhinestone Evening Bag in Velvet


    Family Portrait
  3. Nice looking family. :tup:
  4. Very nice, enjoy!
  5. love your family-
  6. Thats a very beautiful family! Logo charms is sooo cute - perfect little black bag !! tres chic :smile:
  7. great collection! ;)
  8. nice collection :smile:
  9. Gorgeous bags!:jammin: I recently discovered Dior and am now awaiting my first purchase. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
  10. aaaw honey you got your lady dior already! :heart: them all but this is my favourite! :graucho:
  11. I love the detective bag!
  12. Thanks ladies! All your comments are so nice. I agree with ya Nat, I love all my bags but my Lady Dior evening is my favorite :heart:. It's even more beautiful in person.

    Congrats Chloe on your first Dior bag. What did you get? You have to post pics of it when you receive it.
  13. Love your collection! They're all so pretty :smile:
  14. Yay you got the lady dior evening bag, that's a beauty!
  15. congrats! you got the satin lady dior!
    i love ur lady diors:nuts::nuts::nuts: