My DIOR Collection: "Once upon time, I adore you Dior"

  1. Introducing my first love for designer handbags - Christian Dior, and coincidentally, my 1st thread.

    My first Dior is the Saddle Logo in Blue which back then ws only S$250 but now...:shrugs: Prices has increased quite steadily! I think I bought it in 2000 or was it 2001. Can't remember. Then gradually my Dior fetish increased and I bought a few and I think my last item was the Rasta Saddle (my old time favourite) back in 2005.

    Unfortunately, I do not wear them anymore. Just sitting in their dustbags... except when out for polishing and cleaning, which is quite RARE! *haha* Enjoy the pic.

  2. Wonderful collection!
    i love the black and red saddle bag:love::love::love:
  3. Why don't you use them anymore?
  4. u are a true Dior logo fan ! :yes:what a pity your goodies sit in the closet !:sad: u should take them for a nice walk from time to time ! ;)
  5. Great collection! l love the pink one (not the Girly).
  6. nice collection you've got and it's such a pity you don't use them anymore! the girly bag is in an IMMACULATE CONDITION!

    perhaps you could take some of them out for a walk sometimes, even to the grocer's maybe? i love the black saddle with the red flower pattern.
  7. I love Rasta Saddle *_*
  8. Love the girly and the black saddle with red petals! Why don't you use then anymore?
  9. Very nice- I have the same blue saddle!
  10. wow, very cute!
  11. I love your collection! Its so sad that you don't use them anymore.:sad:
  12. hey, nice Dior to break your Chanel virginity! hehehe...PM me sometime. Boring ku di benua Afrika ani!

  13. Hi Suzie and Nataliam! I do use them once or twice but mostly it's in the closet and I think I've outgrown them. Yeah, I do bring them out for a group picture *haha* Does that count?

    Seriously y'all, the main reason I don't use these Diors anymore because of there are so much FAKES out there.

    In the office, I once when up to this lady and told her my mom just got the same Gucci bag as her except in pink leather, and it was on sale. And she asked me how much it was and when I told her it was 40% off the retail price (still above $2k :wtf:), she went on a deep shade of RED! I seriously didn't notice, and because I am not a Gucci fan, I didn't know much difference...So I asked her if she got it on sale, and she mumbled quickly that she got it at a '2nd hand-goods shop' because it was faulty or something and quickly walked away!! OMG! It was terrible!

    Yeah, because Brunei is quite near to Bangkok/Korea/China and cheap budget airlines, fakes keep coming into the market quite easily :cursing: So yeah, my Dior (my 1st :heart:) is sitting in my closet. *sob*sob*sob*

  14. Thanks for the compliments. My girly is abit 'grey' but the Swarovski are still shiny! *haha* I even have the t-shirt!! You wanna know something? I hardly wear my black Dior. I find it very hard to match! Maybe because of the red petals with beads. When I first bought it, I thought it was easy to match because it's black. But nah.. And it's a limited edition too.
  15. You should wear them, they are all so beautiful!