"My Dior" bag in BLUE

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  1. This "My Dior" bag just popped up on the NM web site. ($1,790)

    Dior*-* My Dior Tote*-* Neiman Marcus

    Cobalt blue seems really popular this spring, huh? (The Jimmy Choo Mahala is coming out in a similar shade, and other lines are featuring blue bags as well... Tod's, MJ Stam, etc...)
    My Dior blue bag.jpg
  2. ^ Gorgeous!!!
    Cobalt is big for this spring.
  3. Now that is one goooorgeous bag!

  4. WOW WOW!!! The colour is just gorgeous! :nuts: :nuts:
  5. WOW! This color on the My Dior bag makes it look so much more desirable.
  6. So pretty! I just read in a fashion mag that the hottest color for spring is that exact shade of blue! It seems like it would compliment a ton of colors..
  7. Gorgeeeeeeeeeeous! you lucky girl!
  8. LOVE the color!!!
  9. very pretty color