My dilemma

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  1. Should I wear my Kelly Dylan, Cobalt Dylan or Black Alex on my trip to Hawaii?!?:yahoo:

    I probably will only take one purse plus a small swingpack, but I am torn. My gut feeling is that Hawaii and green are just a match made for each other, but the cobalt just POPS! The black is the most versatile, but that is not very important b/c I won't be wearing that much black while on the island.

  2. The cobalt!!! yes, the kelly and Hawaii seem to go together, but you can wear that kelly all spring and summer. Now is the time for the cobalt!!! Plus, it will match the gorgeous blue of the Hawaiian water...

    Aloha cobalt!!!
  3. Ah, yes, the water!!!
  4. I'm thinking the Kelly for Hawaii but you really can't go wrong with either color. I don't think I'd bring the black but then I must admit that I'm biased as I'm not wild about black bags. I think Hawaii deserves a color pop!

  5. hehe cobalt! have fun!
  6. I vote cobalt! I have been so proud of myself for not purchasing this bag and now AtelierPax informs us that Amazon is having a sale. :nono:
  7. Its gonna be the cobalt!! YAY!!
  8. Yay!! cobalt's going to Hawaii!!! :party:
  9. Cobalt would be perfect for Hawaii. Enjoy your trip!
  10. lol cathead! so sorry! just pretend you never saw it ...... ;)
  11. How lovely - you and your cobalt Dylan in Hawaii! :beach:
  12. Ok kristinmcd, we would all like to know how you and the cobalt Dylan tote liked Hawaii. :yes:
  13. #13 Nov 2, 2010
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2010
    And pictures of your vacationing cobalt Dylan would be appreciated :coolio:
  14. Yes, we're home!! Although it occurred to me that I did not take one pic of vacationing Miss Cobalt! :sad:
  15. We'll forgive you, that is, only if you were having too much fun to be bothered with purse pics!