My Dilemma...

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  1. I recently purchased the medium Balenciaga bag (in an olive green) and I absolutly LOVE IT. The only thing is, I am now looking at the smaller size (possibly in a black) thinking I may buy it. Any suggestions on wether I should look at something else? Or go ahead and get the smaller one?
  2. I just looked at the Med. in Olive green yesterday at Neimans. It's a great bag. The small IS cute, though. If you aren't eyeing another bag and you absolutely love your Med. one, I'd say go for the small in black. =)
  3. I have a med. city and a small in apple. I absolutely love both sizes. I say go for the black in small.
  4. i say go for it. different sizes, diffent looks.
  5. If you like it, get it. I have the smaller size and love it.
  6. okies, this is the 1000 post! :nuts:

    i reckon you should get a small black too! ive got a black city and a twiggy cornflower blue one and now im totally on a hunt for a FIRST... i think the balenciaga bags are great! all the colours are great its fun and funky and the bags go with everything!!!

    keep us up to date with what you decide :amuse: