my Dilemma, to save or to buy??


Jan 31, 2009
To be honest, with the current economic crisis. Do I continue to be consumer or a saver? Do I spend my money on things that I don't really need, like an LV bag or save that money for the a rainy day? Spending money should stimulate and help the economy, on the other hand saving money will give you peace of mind. Is there a happy medium? It's interesting to see other members perspective. Is spending and saving at the same time possible for a middle class? Thank you


Jan 29, 2009
i confess myself guilty of charge,, i tend to spend before i pay my credit debts,, oops


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Aug 13, 2007
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I have several funds and I put a little bit into each one until I save enough, but I always have savings to fall back on if times get hard!


Mar 25, 2008
my DH and i are really prioritizing savings over spending on luxuries... so when buying really expensive items such as bags could really put on hold or until i save up for that. i tend to be impulsive before but i learn to contol it over brings out power to control self. there so many things that are really more important than bags alone or other luxuries that are really not neccessary. unless u get the best of both worlds.


just remember...if everyone went shopping and splurged on something, our economy would be in a MUCH MUCH MUCH better state!
and louis vuitton will last a really long time
if you can afford it, i say get it :smile: the economy cant stop us LV-lovers from obtaining the necessities of our lives, can it?


Jan 29, 2008
I am actually holding from buying another bag right now as we want to save a little extra and then spend some from it. So yeah, if saving gives you peace of mind and there isn't anything you are dying for, then save you money. You can buy LV later anytime....LV isn't going anywhere :smile:

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Jan 9, 2007
i've the question in my mind too. i'm trying to be good and save more. i do think most people will say if u can afford it, has no debts, savings are place (eg 6 months of expenditure) than sure head to the nearest LV. remember to post on tpf when u made a purchase :graucho:


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Nov 7, 2006
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I think it is possible to save & spend. We have been saving for Vegas, but when we come back, we want to focus on saving just to save.
I put $20 a week away into my splurge fun. This is for LV, makeup, whatever. $20 is not a lot on its own, but it adds up! When I have a windfall, I split it between savings & my fund.
I saved every $5 bill I had to add to my LV fund last year and it really helped plump it up fast! After Vegas, I will continue to save $5 bills.


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Apr 14, 2008
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I have been feeling the same way-it's not even about how much I would save for me it is about the concept of not needing another bag and denying myself in order to accumulate some cash. My finances are seperate from my DH so I do not need to save for things like retirement,medical,house but in general I am not feeling as secure in this economy and it just does not make sense to keep plunking down 3k a month or more on bags-so I had my first test when we went to the city last month and my goal was to save for 09 and as soon as I got near the LV store I busted down and spent the cash I had tucked away-No Will Power!!!:cursing: I am so irritated with myself not because of the $ but becasue I did not stick to what I had decided. I then started thinking of all of the other projects I wanted to do instead of buying another bag and so this month was able to refresh my Bonus room and actually bought new carpet,surround sound,52"Samsun650 TV,Sony 400 CD holder all for about the price of a Chanel flap :nuts:it just blew me away and put the $ back into perspective since buying bags I have completely lost my sense of Value-so I am going to try and buy less bags this year-Boring and no fun I know but I am excited that I am starting to respect the value of the $ again-my desire for the bags made me completely loose perspective. This economy is no joke and I do not see it changing anytime soon- many countries have not made it past 200 years and if we do not come up with some manufacturing or something we may be financially done too!


Sep 13, 2008
LV is not a necessity of life...we love them and wouldn't want to part with them. But I think we should never take our current state for granted because life is unpredictable. Look at the economy! It's always good to take a step back and a poster said LV is not going anywhere...Thank goodness :wlae: