my dilemma...epi ivoire soufflot or rosewood in amarante?

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  1. i just got a call from my sa and was informed that they have both bags in stock.:yahoo: i am supposed to go this week (maybe thursday) to look at them and choose. i've seen both bags IRL and love them both equally. so i turn to you guys...which do you think i should get first? your opinions (as always) are highly appreciated. TIA!!!
  2. epi ivoire soufflot. Maybe because I am looking from my next bag to be light color bag.
  3. I have the Rosewood in Amarante and I love it. I've used it 5 times and no fingerprint problems, only a small smudge. I find it very versatile. Looks great with both black and brown. It holds quite a bit too.

    I don't have an epi souflot but I do also like this bag. I guess it depends which one would compliment your wardrobe more.

    Good luck!!
  4. oh gosh! it is soooo hard to choose. i would buy both but i'm trying to be good and save some money for christmas. both bags are on top of my wishlist.
    rileygirl, is your wardrobe mostly dark colors or light colors?
    beljwl, i know what you mean about light color bags next. i am loving the ivoire color!
  5. i'd pick epi soufflot...timeless and classic...for me, i don't particularly like the rosewood style..maybe because i've had the handheld popincourt and i don't like the long shoulder handles on the rosewood...if it was similar to the popincourt haut, i'd like it more!
  6. Tough choice indeed. But rosewood vote here, the Vernis in Amarante is gorgeous.
  7. makeupmamma--I am more of a dark color wearing gal. I've never owned a white bag or shoe for that matter so I am a little biased. I do love the Soufflot style and the ivorie epi would prob. be my first light colored bag if I ever needed one. The Rosewood in Amarante seems more elegant and dressy whereas you'd be able to dress the Soufflot up or down. Just depends on your needs, your wardrobe and the other bags in your collection. Just want you to know that I haven't had too many fingerprint issues with this style. I carry it on my shoulder and on my arm. not so much in my hands.

  8. thanks for the info on the fingerprints. that seems to be the only problem that amarante owners have on this forum. i also love dark colors (browns and blacks) but have no issues with using light colored bags with them.
  9. Epi! It's such a classic bag, you'll love it!
  10. As beautiful as vernis is, I have to say that Epi has it's own understated elegance. It's such a nice leather. I would go for the Ivoire first.
  11. epi ivoire soufflot :smile:. congrats for finding one!
  12. Epi Soufflot, I LOVE ivoire!
  13. Epi Soufflot! I have a fondness for epi!
  14. epi ivoire here too :smile: ivoire is TDF :smile:
  15. Yup, Ivorie Epi Soufflout.