My dilemma about the Naviglio


Oct 7, 2007
I booked a Damier Naviglio from an online seller just a few days ago, intending to share it with my brother and bf because it is such a cute bag!

however, I have 2 options now:
- The seller whom I booked it from, hers is the older version made in 2004, in good condition and selling to me really cheap.
- Another seller has the newer version, at more expensive price of course, moreover is a consignment shop.

My dilemma is - I'm quite prude, I like the words "LOUIS VUITTON" embossed on the nylon strap, which is only available for newer version.
However, the 1st seller is really sweet and reserved the bag for me already, plus it is cheaper and the bag is pre-loved because it comes from the seller herself and not being "dumped" at consignment shop so it's probably being pampered.

I was thinking, should I get the newer version one from 2nd seller (and reject the 1st seller), or should I get from the 1st seller and have the strap replaced to new one at LV store?


Sep 26, 2007
well, it all depends on how cheap the 1st seller is selling for and how important you want the nylon embossed with "louis vuitton"... or how much it would cost to replace the strap. If replacing the strap and buying the cheaper one is still less than the newer one, then i'd say go for it.