My Diamond Stud Earrings Upgrade

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  1. #1 Jul 24, 2018
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    I realized I should have taken a pic of my old earrings before sending them in (oops), but I am happy to show off these lovelies which just arrived. I traded in my old 1 ct tw (.5 ct each) diamond studs for a little over 1.7 ct tw (.85 ct each). My originals were beautiful and felt right for every day size when I first got them, but after about 5 years of wearing them I was suffering from "shrinkage." :smile: I also had 3 prong martini setting which was stretching out my piercings a little.

    I did a trade in through Whiteflash where I got my original earrings. I got back every penny I paid on the original diamonds to put towards the new ones. I also got a small materials credit for the platinum settings (they can't re-sell the used settings so you just get basically melt-down value). I wanted a new setting that would still sit close to the ears like a martini setting but that would not have the pointy end that would stretch my piercings. I found their W setting, and since I did not like the claw prongs they made them with rounded prongs for me at no extra charge. I once again chose platinum to be hypoallergenic and also to not have to worry about yellowing over time. The diamonds are WF's "A Cut Above" super ideals and sparkle like crazy.

    IMG_5616.JPG IMG_5617.JPG IMG_5636.JPG IMG_5670.JPG
    Excuse the messy hair in my pics--It was hot & humid when I went to pick them up.
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  2. so beautiful -- love the setting!
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  3. Congrats...look fantastic!
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  4. Stunning earrings totally love them! Congratulations. You look fabulous x
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  5. Gorgeous!!
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  6. MyAwesomeFinds,

    Congratulations on your new earrings, and thank you for sharing your photos and story.

    Your earrings are gorgeous and look like the right size for your ears.
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  7. Thank you! I feel so put together when I wear them :smile:
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  8. Thanks! I'm happy to pass along diamond earring advice to anyone in the market since i have good experience picking out round brilliants (for my e-ring too).
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  9. MyAwesomeFinds can you share what size in mm your old pair were versus your new pair?

    I’m trying to figure out what mm size is good for everyday wear. Thanks!
  10. My old pair were about 5.2mm each at .5 ct each and these are about 6.15 mm at .85 ct each according to the diamond certificates. Less than 1 mm wouldn't seem that noticeable but to me it was a definitely noticeable upgrade.

    I should say if you aren't wearing diamond studs now you might be quite happy with .5 ct each to start. I was and wore them for 5 years until I starting thinking about upgrading.

    Also you can save money by going down on color as long as you get a good cut!
  11. Thank you MyAwesomeFinds! Your studs look perfect on you!
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  12. Beautiful studs!
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