My Diamond Stitch is Here!

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  1. It came in the mail yesterday!!! It's really pretty!

    The story of this bag: So, no Chanel boutiques near me and I didn't want to Charge ship from NM/Saks/Chanel due to the really high customs dues here. Lucky, lucky me, one of my friends who lives in Vegas offered to get me one at the Chanel boutique near him. I asked for the large one at first but he sent me pics of the SA (who is close to my size) modeling the large and the small. I decided on the small and the SA said it already belonged to someone else. My friend kind of threw a hissy fit (not a major one) and they found one for me that same day! In the meantime, my friend kept asking me if I was absolutely sure this was the bag I wanted (I think he felt the bag was a bit dull), which started me doubting.

    Yesterday, I got the bag and today I took her out for the first time. She's a beauty! I generally go for big bags but I've been looking for a small bag for when I don't have to bring the entire house with me and this really fits the bill.

    Today I called my friend to express my thanks and he says to me "You chose the right bag - apparently there's only 1 left in the entire US and it's in Boston." Is this true? I thought i read a thread here on how there were 200 DS totes coming in... In any case, I feel really lucky!

    Here are some pics: My small DS Tote, modeling pic by my 6 year-old (I got my 4 year-old to do my LV pics so I suppose it's only fair to make the older one do this - haha), and a pic of what goes into the tote - long wallet, accessories pochette, card case, 2 pocket notebooks, phone, and there's still room for a few more!
    DSC01068.jpg DSC01070.jpg DSC01072.jpg
  2. Too cute!!! I love the DS ligne! Congrats!
  3. always beautiful. This bag is immortal. Congratulations!!!
  4. Congrats! Gorgeous bag.
  5. What a Gorgeous bag!!!

    Woooo...but Nordstrom don't carry this size.

    Where can I find???

  6. Thanks! I'd try calling Chanel. According to my friend there's one in Chanel in Boston. It's hard to believe there is just one left. I'm sure there's more if you ask.
  7. yay! i'm very happy for you:yahoo:....i really think you are going to love this bag more and more as you use it..comfy, chic and lovely...perfect combo! :love:enjoy!:yes:
  8. Thank you! I actually didn't get a "high" when I opened the box yesterday. I was somewhere in between "Yay!" and "Hmmmm..." But today I took it out and I really loved it! It really is the perfect combo of style, structure, slouch and function:smile:
  9. i have the same bag! i got her earlier this year but only carried her a few times since i have the reissue :p my mom loves her though! she thinks it's more suitable on her than on me lol. she is amazingly roomy, isn't she?? ;)
  10. It's very pretty! Your son must have been thrilled to have to model your handbag!;)
  11. My kids are sweet - they actually give me their opinion on any new bags I purchase. This one got a resounding :yes:
    When they say "don't get that one!", I actually listen :smile:
  12. beautiful..congrats..I have the same bag in white and :heart: it...
    love your LV accessories too :tup:
  13. It's gorgeous! Wear it in good health.
  14. Congratulations... it looks so pretty!
  15. congrats on the bag! really cute~