My diamond stitch has arrived!!! But...

  1. First off, a slightly belated happy 2007 to everyone! :heart: Its been a while since i've last been able to log-in heh, and i'm pleased to announce that the DS flap i recently purchased has arrived safely!!! Will post pics as soon as i've got access to my photos on the other computer ;)

    However, my experience with this purchase wasn't an entirely satisfactory one :sad: I bought this bag in an off-eBay transaction, and was expecting everything that the seller listed in the auction to be provided with the bag. As such, i didn't want to assume, so i emailed her more than once to check if she/he would be posting out the box, ribbons, the receipt, authenticity cards etc etc etc. The seller also confirmed in a return email that the bag would come with them. However when the bag arrived, i discovered that the seller only sent the bag with the dustbag, a photocopy of the receipt and the authenticity cards. :sad: Because i took the pains to check over and over again if i was going to be getting "everything", and was told that i would be, i was quite disappointed that ultimately the seller didn't live up to his/her end of the deal, probably to save on a few dollars for postage! Also, i asked about scratches on the bag, and was told there were none at all. But, when i received it, the bag was indeed generally in a very good condition, but there were fine hairline scratches DEFINITELY visible to the naked eye. Not a huge deal, but impossible to miss! Again, because i knew i was buying a used bag, i didn't expect it to be absolutely perfect, and in all honesty to me, those scratches are unavoidable (and thus acceptable) because of wear, but i expect honesty from a seller when i ask about these things! When i emailed the seller to ask about it, the seller just couldn't be bothered to reply. Double sigh.

    What i'm most unhappy about is not so much not receiving the box, original receipt etc etc... i'm just sad about the way the seller has handled this whole thing... I think i'm quite an understanding buyer, because the seller was quite unyielding in several of her terms of sale and i went along with them because i didn't want to cause her additional trouble, even if it meant a little more at my expense. So the least you could do, as a responsible seller, would be to let me know beforehand about the changes you make to the agreement, even if they're small things! I'm pretty sure that if the seller had emailed me telling me it was inconvenient (or whatever reason) for him/her to send the box out, with the original receipt, i'd have been absolutely ok with it. And also, not to mislead buyers with wrong information about the condition of the bag :crybaby:that's another thing that really irks me, because as a seller myself, i always accurately and honestly state the condition of whatever i sell, the smallest flaws included. Its just not nice otherwise!

    I do like the bag, but sadly because of all of these factors, its taken away the absolute love i might have had for it earlier :crybaby:When i was interested in buying the bag, and emailed the seller about it, the replies came almost instantly. However, my email to aforementioned seller after i received the bag was ignored and unreplied. At first i thought perhaps the seller was busy and wasn't able to get to the computer, but not long after I even received a PM from another fellow PF buyer who was going to buy from this same seller, asking me about whether she should buy from this seller!!! Obviously this seller directed this PF member to PM me, which indicated that the seller has definitely been online... just not bothering to be reply one short email. :sad:

    Perhaps to some of you i might seem like i'm making a big fuss over something so small, but again at the end of the day i'm not disappointed about the actual scratches, the lack of box etc... (i mean, right now i am, but i definitely wouldn't have been if i had been mentally prepared for it by the seller!!! Because of everything she promised, i certainly wasn't expecting any of that, hence the disappointment) i'm just upset at the way the seller has handled this whole transaction. SIGH! Now everytime i look at my bag i just feel... a little cheated and unhappy. Which is not the way to feel about ANY chanel, is it :s I wish i could've got the bag from my local chanel store now and saved all this trouble but sadly they were sold out and weren't particularly helpful in finding another one for me.

    Ok sorry for the long rant, i just needed to get it off my chest because i was feeling really unhappy about it!
  2. I think I know the seller who you bought this from because reading your experience reminds me of previous experience other people has had with this seller. I'm going to PM you and see if it's the right member, I mean seller.

    Sorry about your bad experience, you definitely have the right to be upset, I would be too!!! Is there any way you can return the bag to the seller (but if it's the seller I'm thinking about, you're better off keeping the bag because you might never see your money OR the bag again if you try to return it)? Did you pay with Amex?

    Ugh sorry again =(
  3. ohhhhhh so sorry you are so upset, your unhappiness with how this whole thing was handled, just seeped through the computer screen and made me want to yell at that seller! But, please do not give the seller the power to spoil your love for that gorgeous new bag. Think of it this way: 2 issues here, first an unresponsible and untruthful seller: No acroutements she said wold come with bag, and bag not A+ perfect condition. Yes, her dishonesty spoils maybe part of the business end of the deal. But second, you got a gorgeous bag that had a few scratches on it that if you were told about, you probably would not have minded them at all and they would have happened anyway, such as always happens to leather and is expected. Furthermore, you would have had to pay alot more if you had bought bag brand new from a store and then, you may have regretted not getting it from eBay for less, although maybe not 100% perfect. Please do not allow seller's actions to rain on your parade. Hope you feel better and love your new baby.
  4. ^ nicely said purse-onality!! i'm going to keep your words in mind next time I'm PO'd about how a seller handled a transaction with me
  5. Yes purse, well said. And to the OP, I am sorry the terms of the sale did not meet the actual sale. I can understand how important it is for the buyer to be reassured their bag is authentic and as a seller, I promise exactly what I deliver in my auction to provide that peace of mind. How disappointing to hear you are unhappy.

    I have a tote from the Outdoor line which is the same leather as the Diamond Stitch. It arrived brand new from Neiman Marcus with some scratches which were easily removed with Appleguard Leather Care. Sometimes scratches will reappear with use (fingernail, key, etc.), and I have to go over the scratches again but rest assured they always come out! There is also a natural grain to this leather that gives it a distressed/worn appearance which could be the hairline scratches you described.
  6. :love:thanks purse-onality... i can tell you i felt better after getting it off my chest, its been bugging me for nearly a month now! and i know i'll definitely grow to lovelovelove my DS flap, all in good time :yes:

    and thanks for the support too, mello_yello_jen (esp for your PM!) & roey. i'm glad to hear that this seller has been banned from PF!!! i certainly don't wish my experience on anyone else!
  7. oh i realise i didn't mention the scratches i'm not too pleased about were on the ruthenium CC logo :crybaby:impossible to remove! the very faint marks on the bag i'm not bothered about at all, because it comes about with wear and i think it adds "character" to a distressed/grained leather bag.
    nonetheless if i do end up scratching the leather of my bag i'll keep that tip in mind. Thanks roey!
  8. oh and finally, pics of me with the bag! :shame:

  9. This was from the purse forum member LV1011!!!!!I remember she post so much not nice thing about selling bags, on so many sub-forums, on LV sub-forum a lot! I am sorry you end up buy from her, I feel angry and sad for you when I read your writings! I am happy she is banned. If she do this things before I hope she banned from selling things and being on forums forever!!!!! Horrible horrible to do that to people!!!!!
    But hope you like your bag, it look very beautiful when you carry it!!!!!
  10. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! You are looking HOT. Beautiful figure!
  11. nightshade, i'm sorry to hear about your negative seller experience.
    i agree with purse-onality about looking past all of that. sometimes people just want to sell- quick.
    i have a hard time getting over bad buying experiences too. i've let it ruin one of my past chanel experiences bc i was simply so upset. i wish i didn't feel that way, but i did and i really couldn't get over it. i do hope you can get over your experience and love your bag bc it looks absolutely perfect on you!
  12. Nightshade bag is stunning...and so are you!

    glad you are feeling better
  13. Aww, thanks Mello_Yello_Jen, *jennifer* & Purse-onality, you girls are too sweet! :love: