My Diamond Cross pendant is here!!! Pics!!!

  1. So I was telling Chaz how I was drooling over my friend's diamond cross who kept hinting that she wanted to sell it to fund a strand of pearls, but changed her mind:sad:. So I decided to have one made by my jeweller instead and I AM SO IN WITH LOVE IT:love::love:!!! Its got 11pcs of .20 ct princess cut stones, total of 2.2 carats. This is mine and only mine----I'm no bee bee LOL :roflmfao: I also had a pair of diamond cross earrings made but theyre not ready til next week. Will post pics of those too:graucho:

    P.S. I didnt expect it to be so brilliant and firey IRL!!! I love princess cut diamonds especially when theyre tiled together!!!
    cross.JPG cross 2.JPG cross 3.JPG cross 4.JPG
  2. I LOVE it!!!! And I love how it is all diamonds with no metal in the shape!

    Tell all the details of how you chose the jeweller, the diamonds, the size etc. Was it difficult to choose all the bits and pieces that go into a custom made item?

    It looks superb and I wish you some very great diamond times ahead!!!!
  3. Ooooh!!! I love my jeweller! His family has been in the jewelry biz for 40 years, started by his mom. He now manages the business and since he's an architect by profession, he is quite an artist and designs such exquisite pieces. I met him through a friend 4 years ago and since then, he's the one and only jeweller I trust. I went to his shop and asked if he had some princess cut diamonds available and lo and behold, he took out what seemed to me like a hundred pieces of princess stones in all sizes:drool::drool:. I am not a diamond expert so I left it all up to him to find the ones that matched. I told him simply that I wanted a cross pendant set in prongs and tiled together with a budget to match of course. He suggested .20 ct stones and it took us around an hour to decide how many stones to use. I didnt want the pendant to look too small and too big either, a size that would be perfect for everyday wear and dressy occasions. And that was it! :graucho: All I had to do was wait for a week and got the call yesterday that it was ready for pick-up:yahoo:He didnt fail me again!!! It came out exactly as I had wanted!!!
  4. Well done!! Congratulations!!! its exquisite!!! And it really suits you,and once again showcases your impeccable taste!I bet you can't stop smiling!! I know if I had that stunner I would'nt!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. i love it
  6. That is a seriously 'blingy" cross- it is a very pretty pendant. Lucky gal!
  7. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  8. It's gorgeous. Love it.
  9. It's BEAUTIFUL!!! Enjoy it! :yahoo:
  10. nice
  11. Thanks gals!!!
  12. I love the cross!!! Especially when the diamond is princess cut. It's different than the normal round brilliant diamond. The cross must be heavy as it's 2.2 carat. What is the dimension of the pendant if you don't mind me asking?
  13. Stunning! I'd love to have one just like it.
  14. I had to find a ruler LOL Its around 24mm x 18mm or almost an inch x a little over .7 inches :sweatdrop: That wasnt so tough after all LOL:roflmfao:

    Its very light I dont feel it hanging on my neck:graucho:
  15. it's beautiful!! Mark that off your list! :biggrin: