My DH's newest Rolex acquisition!

  1. Here is my DH's newest Rolex, all Platinum watch with a light blue diamond dial. Rolex is adding a baquette bezel to it. I held this thing and I can't believe how heavy it is. He has to take a link so I asked him if I could buy a new car with it LOL!!
    DSC01285.jpg DSC01291.jpg DSC01293.jpg DSC01294.jpg DSC01295.jpg
  2. love it and i adore the iceblue dial (have the lady platinum one) and you are right it wights a ton but the sheen on platinum is uncomparable.
    congrats to your hubby
  3. Wow! What an awesome watch!!! Congrats to your DH! He has great taste:smile:)
  4. its gorgeous! love it, congrats to you hubby!
  5. Yea it glows!
  6. Gorgeous watch.... He really has good taste
  7. It's a gorgeous timepiece! He has impecable taste!
  8. It's a fabulous watch! Always nice to have a husband with good taste.
  9. that's gorgeous, your hubby has excellent taste.
  10. WOw nice, I love the blue!
  11. what a very stylish and classy watch for a man. One of the first things that I notice on a man,is what kind of watch he has and what style of wallet he carries.
  12. That is a beautiful watch! Congrats to him!
  13. platinum is just amazing! You better be his body guard in more ways than one.
  14. Gorgeous ! And it's only fair that you get to treat yourself since he got something.. ;)
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