My DH's $$$ Jeans too long!

  1. My husband's new Citizens are too long and he absolutely hates the look of jeans that have been hemmed. He's not that short at 5'11 but his torso is longer and his legs are shorter.

    To the fashionistas here I pose a question: What brands of designer jeans make 30' or 31' length for men? Help! :shrugs:
  2. I think Diesel might sell some of their jeans in shorter lengths but I'm not sure. Perhaps your DH just hates the look of hemmed jeans without their original hem (where the tailor just cuts off and shortens the hem without re-attaching the old hem back)? Because a professionally altered jean with the hem re-attached will look the same as the original pair. There is a definite difference (you'll just pay a few dollars more to do it that way). I get my DH's jeans hemmed all the time and they all look fine w/their original hem.
  3. Not very many =(

    Maybe try Diesel? they offer inseams in 30" and up =)

    You might want to stay away from 7FAM 32"+, R&R 34"+, and TR 33"+
  4. i agree with sailornep - if you get them hemmed with the "original" hem, it looks practically like it was meant to be that length. :smile:
  5. I'm sorry I don't understand why he doesn't like the "hemmed look"? If you go to a decent tailor the hemming is done so the jeans look as they were before, only shorter and better fitted for your husband. :yes: Unless the jeans have some sort of cool detailing or something on the bottom that will be hemmed off, I totally say go for it!
  6. I agree, get them altered with the original hem. My husband needs a 30" but usually all we can find is a 32"...$10 or so at a good alteration place makes a world of difference.
  7. it doesn`t hurt to have your jeans hemmed. i get them hemmed all the time, i just make sure i ask for original hem.

    for 30" length, try diesel. and if they make joes for mens, they have different lengths as well
  8. My DH has short legs and has to wear that inseam aswell! Lucky brand jeans seem to work the best and have that inseam they're just called "shorts". They're really soft too! I hope this helps!
  9. Any decent tailor can keep the original hem. You cannot tell the difference.
  10. Thanks for your replies. We took a few jeans to the tailor about 2 years ago and they definitely ended up looking ugly. The jeans looked hemmed, the thread wasn't as thick and they look altered. We wanted them to look like the originals, like the original denim but we thought it wasn't possible.

    OK, so the problem is the tailor! I'm going out tomorrow morning and asking another tailor to keep the 'original hem'. :smile: Thanks for the pointers!!!
  11. :yes::yes:
  12. Nordstrom has very professional tailors that only hem with original hem unless you tell them not to or they are 'invisible' hem like the 7FAM dojos.

    heehee, I always have to get mine hemmed...