My DH wondered into LV and I don't know if he got anything!!!!

  1. So my DH just called me and goes "Guess where I am? I'm in Copley Place LV right now!" He was waiting to meet someone for a dinner meeting and was "wasting time" in my favorite store. He then goes "they have all those denim bags you love so much in here" (no sh** sherlock!) I have no idea if he bought me something or not....but Valentines Day IS coming up! Now I have to be extra nice to him for the next 2 weeks. Sigh. I will keep you all posted. :smile:
  2. If my DH "wandered" into an LV boutique he'd better bring somethin' home to me! Ha Ha! Which denim piece are you wishing for?
  3. :girlsigh: :nuts: oh you KNOW he totally got you something!! what a sweetheart. UGH will you be able to make it through the next 13 days?!? I'd be dying. What do you think he got?
  4. if my dad went into lv, id make him buy me a new lv! lol
  5. Hmmm... I wonder what he could've gotten... :sneaky:
  6. check the credit card statement online or you can call and ask them if you have any pending authorizations!! :devil:
    then you'll know if he got you something!
  7. Sneaky girl! Won't that ruin the surprise? :p

    I hate walking out of an LV store empty handed. I'm sure he didn't just drop that MAJOR hint and not take out a pretty brown bag with something gorgeous in it!

  8. He probably got the denim baggy and a heart for his sweetheart!
  9. LOL, you are too much!
  10. OMG BagLadie! I bet he got you a Denim Baggy!!!!! I know you so want one!!!..yea and pinki may be right- maybe a heart to go along! :yes: :heart: :heart:
  11. OMG I never thought to check the cc statement!!!!! You guys are genius! I will let you know when I find out....or if I find out. Knowing him he might be sneaky and paid another way. Oh and YES I want that denim baggy pm!!!!!!!
  12. Aww I hope he got you something...only 13 more days till you get to find out!
  13. Oh I hope he did buy you something, I bet he will! But don't check the cc statement, that will ruin everything! Just keep guessing!
  14. ps your daughter is sooo cute!
  15. well I know I'm sneaky but I SERIOUSLY HATE SURPRISES!!