My DH think’s I’m too crazy and obsessed…

  1. Last night, me and my DH dine out and after that, we went to a mall full of mobile phone shops. We spent most of our evening there since my phone was broken and I need it to be repaired / buy a new phone.

    After going there, when we went outside, it’s RAINING!! I was using my Black Chanel Vintage Flap and I was like running through the pedestrian lanes (I’m pregnant.. LOL) and keeping my handbag tucked inside my shoulders so that it won’t get wet! I told my DH… “Hurry! Hide my handbag, it’s RAINING!!!” And my DH answered me, “You’re too obsessed with your handbags nowadays.” LOL. I didn’t know what to say. LOL. All I care is that it won’t get wet. Is my DH telling the truth???
  2. no way!! you're just getting prepared for being a good mother. You don't want your babies getting wet.
  3. haha your DH sounds like my SO. i dont think you're crazy! ;) you just want to keep it from becoming ruined by the rain. i do that with my LV haha so i totally understand you!
  4. I like that excuse!!! Yes, we baby our purses! I don't think that is anything different from when men (or women) baby their cars!!!
  5. :biggrin:
  6. lol!same here!!
    everytime it is raining, i always hand my bag to my bf so that he can hide my bag under his sweatshirt or jacket!lol! and i always tell him to run fast to the car..

    he always says,"OMG!i cant believe u love ur handbags more than urself!"huahahaha....
  7. LOL when i got caught in the rain.. i used up all my tissue paper to dry my bag and had none for myself :yes::yes: im equally crazy and obsessed :biggrin:
  8. I do the same, anything to keep my handbags dry and safe!!!!
  9. Hehe, you're not crazy! My boyfriend knows that he can't question that I want to protect my bags so when it rains he automatically tucks my purses away under his jacket/sweaters for me :smile:

  10. When it rains, I need to force my bf to hide the bag for me or I'll force him to take off his jacket and wrap my bag up. Hahaha~~
  11. Dont feel bad. My whole family thinks I'm crazily fashion and handbag obsessed. Let's just say I wasn't raised in a family that loves designer handbags and designer stuff. I am the first and only one in my family, who does. The rest of them don't even know or care about the quality in Chanel handbags, they think I'm a shopping adict and that designer handbags are ridiculous. Don't let what other peoples say get to you. See, males, especially arent schooled on fashion and while I've let their comments about my handbags get to me before, you shouldn't, because theyre not schooled on fashion and they don't know about Chanel handbags or about how far people would go to get them. Trust me, just don't take their comments to heart, they don't get it.
  12. that's so cute. My bf always offers to run and get the car so that my chanel won't get wet.
  13. HAHA my room mate thinks i'm crazy about chanel in general .... i keep talking about rain boots and flats and purse and keep asking for him to get it for me hahahahahhahaha (x-boyfriend)
  14. I would have made my hubby pull the car around and pick me up LOL! No way would I go in the rain w/my Chanel- you are brave lol!
  15. fiance doesn't question it anymore...he knows how much these bags cost, so he HELPS me protect them!! :lol: