My DH thinks he's so funny

  1. Last night I was on the computer, I had the 10 trends Paris Fashion week on the screen. Well, my DH walks over to see what I'm doing on the computer. He's standing there and says, " You need that outfit (Pretty In Plumes) to go with your plume purse. Then he said, "the plume is as light as a feather, you know." He does listen...LOLOL.. Awww, he's alright and a keeper. :love::love::love:
  2. LOL! I admit your plume is gorgeous, but that outfit.....
  3. :rolleyes:Your dh is quite cute. As to the outfit, even the best looking tpfer on this subforum finds it difficult to pull off these feathers.
  4. Your DH sounds sweet. my DH is much the same!!!
    As to the outfit!!! I think its better kept to the Runway, can you imagine going out any where in it!!! DH feels safe saying you need it, because he knows you wouldnt buy it.
    Imagine his face, if you bought it and said "but Honey, you said I needed it"
  5. Cute! Don't you love it when you think they are not truly listening (just merely nodding or entertaining when you yakked away), they actually surprise you otherwise. :smile:

  6. I'm so glad the runway doesn't equal real life...heehee!

    what a silly DH, keep him around awhile!
  7. *LOL*, your DH sounds cute, lisawhit. :smile:
    And I don't think anyone could carry off that
    look. *LOL*-- even the model looks like she's
    in pain.
  8. gosh.. makes the hips look gigantic !

    your DH - humourous!
  9. [​IMG] Cute!
  10. that's so cute! he's definitely a keeper in my books!
  11. :smile: funny! your dh is soooo cute
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. What A Doll ~ That Is So Sweet!!!!!!!! ......& Lisa Great Avatar!!!!
  14. Thankyou bagluv, I just figured out how to do the avatar yesturday....