My DH surprised me with a new wedding ring!!

  1. I lost my engagement ring and wedding band about 4 months ago, well actually I think my 2.5 yr old threw it away:wtf:

    Well I had been telling DH that I really want my ring back, and that I wish I could get another.. but I didn't really think it would happen.

    I got this today...


    I am so happy!!! :yahoo: I LOVE it!!! He didn't have it sized because he didn't know my size or else it would be on my finger!!

    I tried to get a good pic and this was the best I could.. it has larger stones on the E ring and 5 little stones on the wedding band.. both rings have little tiny stones on the sides. It is platinum.

    Thanks for letting me share!!!
  2. aww thats a beautiful ring!! what a sweet DH congrats!!
  3. That is so beautiful! Your hubby has great taste! :smile:

    I bet it feels amazing to have a ring back on your finger after those few months :smile:
  4. Beautiful! How romantic of him to surprise you with it.
  5. cOngrats... gorgeous!!
  6. Aww...that was so sweet of him! Congrats!!
  7. awwww....thats so beautiful!!! congrats!!!
  8. What a sweetie! Beautiful rings!!
  9. I'm so happy for you. It's beautiful.
  10. Beautiful new set! What a sweet DH!
  11. u r SOOO lucky and its gorgeous:drool:
  12. that's beautiful! so sweet of your husband to buy you a replacement set. :smile:
  13. such a beautiful set! you have a very sweet husband to surprise you like that! congrats!
  14. Stunning set! Congratulations on such a wonderful husband and the ring of course.
  15. What a sweet DH! The set is beautiful...enjoy!