My DH surprised me today!

  1. Remember I posted earlier about my DH freaking out about my LV habit (and credit card bill) and cancelling my Bday trip to LV? He told me that he had to work today (he's a contractor, so he is always working on weekends), and was gone for four hours. When he returned, he had a princess cake :drool:, and a framed map of the London Underground (London's one of my favorite cities.) I thought the map was my gift, which he continued to let me think, and we took the dogs out for a walk. When we returned, he put on one of his nicer shirts and told me that we were going to LV.:wlae:

    Now I have a beea-u-tiful bag, of which I will post pictures ASAP. I tried on a couple, but ultimately decided to get the one bag that I thought I wouldn't get.

    Guess what I brought home!
  2. aww... your hubby is so sweet!
    hmm.. was it a black MC trouville??
  3. Aww. I'm so glad that hubby changed his mind! Very sweet!!
    Was it a black MC speedy?
  4. Batignolles Horizontal (horrible spelling)
    or damier speedy
  5. I am so happy for you:yahoo:An epi soufflot?
  6. nice hubby. his a keeper:smile:
  7. Well, I went in for something MC (not the speedy, as much as I want the speedy, I didn't want to push the DH), and came out with:

    :yahoo:The Damier Speedy 25:heart:

    I tried on quite a few bags, but for some reason, the smaller speedy just seemed more streamlined to me. The larger speedy was just a little too large--I don't need that much space.

    The more I look at the bag, the more I :love: it!
    damier1.jpg damier2.jpg damier3.jpg damier4.jpg
  8. congratulations on your new speedy!! i love it!!
  9. Congrats on the lovely speedy! And Happy Birthday!! :heart:
  10. great gift! congrats its a very versatile bag!
  11. What a lovely gift!
  12. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your beautiful new bag.
  13. Congrats!! :biggrin: & Happy Birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday!!! Congrats on a gorgeous bag!!
  15. your DH was so nice to give you this as your birthday present! enjoy your new bag!