My dh just keeps getting nicer and nicer..

  1. Well, I just found out this week that I now have the greatest husband alive!!:yes:

    When I started getting into LV last year it was so hard to convince him that I needed a $600+ bag. It took me about 6 months until he finally said that if I saved up for it, then he would have no problem if I bought the speedy. He also added that the speedy would be the only LV I could get without getting him mad...

    Well, last week I got a pleasant surprise when he accompanied me to the store to get my Speedy. He was actually checking out the bags and giving him opinion on which bags looked good on me! (It was sooooo cute)

    So anyways, last night we were talking and he was kidding around with me on how this forum is now my new Myspace..:roflmfao: ..he said, "everytime your online, your always on there checking out bags!" but he understood that skateboarding is his hobby and Louis Vuitton is mine! :smile: And he even went as far to ask me which bag I am thinking about purchasing next!! :yahoo: He kept insisting on the Vernis Houston in Fuschia (i think that's the pink bag's name). I told him I am thinking about the Batignolles horizontal (I looove shoulder bags) and if I got the Vernis Houston in fuschia it wouldn't go well with some outfits I wear. But he said that the Houston was really me since I'm extremely girly and pink is my favorite color and that he thinks it would look nice on me! So now i'm trying to decide..

    should I go for the BH or the Vernis Houston? What do you think? I have 2 boys, 2 and 6 months so I carry ALOT..

    Sorry this post is loooong but I have so much energy right now!
  2. I would go with the Houston....your husband is right, it's such a girly bag in framboise!!
  3. Fuschia is d/c so you must mean framboise.

    Since you are a mom and have to carry a lot of stuff, my vote would be for the BH. Girls here adore it and you'll probably find that it works well for you.

    If you want a girly bag you could make your third bag like a Reade PM in framboise that you could use when you go to dinner and stuff w/o the little biys in tow.

  4. so cute !!! Go with framboise.
  5. aww your story is soo cute!!
    nehoo i would go with the bh also since it carries more and is easier to take care of!
  6. Your DH sounds like a total sweetie!

    BTW, My DH was a skater, too...

    He built and owned one of the first skate parks in Ireland. Alas, he is too old to skate now (he's 33), but he is still a skater at heart. :jammin:
  7. I love the BH and am so happy to finally have mine...I say BH!

  8. Really?! My husband would be so impressed! :smile:

    for a while he wanted me to learn how to skateboard, but then he realized that unless a skateboard was pink and had that little LV logo somewhere on it, I wouldn't step foot on it. Funny to say, he hasn't asked anymore :P
  9. I'd go for the BH...much more practical for everyday...but if you want a super cute bag...get the framboise yummy!!
  10. The Houston in Framboise
  11. i say BH becuase the houston it is a vernis item.... becareful of colour transfer
  12. Your Dh is sooo sweet! I'm in a similar situation. I was thinking about getting a Vernis Houston or Brentwood or the much adored BH. I have to say get both. LOL. No, get the Houston now(since the color is LE) and then get the BH later. :graucho: Then again, the BH is roomier, so you can fit more in it than in the Houston.... Sorry, I'm not of any help, am I? lol. Umm...yeah, go for the BH first and then get the Framboise Houston before it's disc(I think LVStaff posted that it will be disc in Jan?)
  13. hehe, I like both bags, but if you're looking for something that's more everyday and versatile for like EVERYTHING, then I'd say BH. However, if fun bright colours are what you're looking for, then by all means Houston!
  14. Can your DH give lessons to my DH on how to take SOME interest in wife's bag buying?!:upsidedown:
    But seriously, I think you should got with Vernis!!! It IS nice and girly!!!:love:

  15. When I first met my DH, he was still skating (he even had a ramp in his old yard.) I got on his board ONCE, and slammed my head on the concrete :Push:

    The DH is not one to give up, though, and thought that perhaps I would do better on a snowboard. I spent 20 minutes trying to get up after falling down; it was quite comical :roflmfao:

    Needless to say, it didn't take the DH long to realize that he hooked up with the girliest of city girls:cutesy:

    Yes, unless I can carry it like a handbag, skateboards and snowboards are not my forte.