my DH just bought this on E-Bay for me!!!

  1. I was just "watching" this bag on E-Bay when lo and behold I get an e-mail invoice thanking me for doing the BIN! I'm thinking - "hey! this is a mistake! I didn't buy this bag!" I call my hubby who is out of town and he confessed, he was looking on E-bay and saw that I was watching it and just decided to get it for me. How sweet is that? Too bad I wasn't "watching" a more expensive bag!!:lol:


    oops. BTW its the Vernis Monogram Bronze Mott bag
  2. Wow..that's very sweet of him...Congrats !!!!
  3. That is SO sweet~ I must show this thread to my DH as a HUGE HINT! It is so gorgeous- you are a very lucky lady indeed!
  4. Aww.. he's too sweet !

    Congrats on your new bag. :biggrin:
  5. YaY!! What a grrrreat hubby!!! Congrats!
  6. OMG that is beyond thoughtful! Seriously, my hubby needs some training LOL.
  7. thats beautiful, wish my hubby was generous
  8. Wow, what a great husband
  9. I feel a bagnshoo partay coming on..... my hubby is outta town too & I still have some wine left. let me know :smile:
    Your hubby is such a sweetie, lucky girl.
  10. So cool! Congrats!!!
  11. yes! the club may reopen tonight! got 1/2 a bottle left myself....;)
  12. That is so cool your hubby did that!!!! Congrats!!!
  13. ooooh, gorgeous! yay for DH. I've been dying for something vernis in bronze ...
  14. What a sweet DH~!
  15. ooh... that's so sweet :P
    congrats girl...
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