My DH is the bestest!!!!! LOL!!

  1. So in another thread I wrote that I had to return a gift I got for my mom the hamptons medium carryall for the bleecker duffle in khaki/black. My DH went with me and after I did the whole exchange which the SA's were so helpfull with! He surprised me by telling me to pick a purse out!!!!!! :yahoo: I really liked the CARLY and that's what I got! I told the SA that I had already used my 20% PCE on Friday when I bought the hamptons and the bleecker lg flap. She gave it to me anyway!!! SCORE!!!!! :wlae: I am now the proud owner of a CARLY! So here she is.
  2. What a sweet dh! It's lovely and looks great on you! Congrats!
  3. awww sweet!!! :love: That bag looks GREAT on you!!!! :tup:
  4. The carly looks great on you! What a sweet DH!
  5. That Carly is gorgeous! But what is that I see in the background? Could that be a Bleeeker flap?:graucho:
  6. Looks great on you...:tup::tup: Deciding on a carly myself... That's the large carly isn't it?
  7. Great bag, and great husband! It looks wonderful on you - enjoy it!
  8. That bag looks great on you :tup:

    Congrats & enjoy!
  9. I love your Carly!!! Is it the large???

  10. Yup!!! :tup:
  11. LOOKS GREAT on you!!!! CONGRATS and what a GREAT DH!!!!!!
  12. OMG what a perfect surprise AND u got to pick it out!! Thats great!:tup:
  13. Looks like it was made for you!!! Congrats...wear it well!!! :party:
  14. yes it's the lg carly:smile:
  15. haha yes biggest baglover that's the bleecker in the background christmas came early this year lol.