My Dh Is Soooo Flippin Awesome!!!!!

  1. I don't have pics yet but here are my new lovlies!!!! I got the Madeline's in black
    These are my outlet finds!! I got the Ginger sunglasses for 63 bucks!!! and this lovely bag for 131!!!!!!! yay!!!! i stole the pic from eBay! i swear I'll post actual pics soon I was just soo ecxited that I had to come on here and share with all you girls!!!!
  2. Wow... all your items are FAB!! I love the sunnies and that signature stripe bag is TDF!! Congrats YAY!!! :yahoo:
  3. Do you have a pic of the Madeline?
  4. CONGRATS :smile: SOOOOOO happy for you, love your items!!!
  5. i got the pic from coach but it's the black sunglasses with the lozenge on the side.
  6. Ooooh!!!! Love them all!!! Wish I could wear Coach Sunglasses...they're always too big on me!
  7. You're going to have fun using that tote & your sunnies this summer. Congrats! Wish I could wear Coach sunnies but I need prescription lenses.
  8. I love your new sunglasses! How are you liking the new sig. stripe tote?
  9. I love it! I am using it as a baby/personal bag and it fits everything!!!
  10. Great stuff! I love your sunglasses, they are SUPER cute!! :smile: And what great deals at the outlet, too. Hooray!
  11. HOORAY!!!!!! Yer DH is flippin awesome!
  12. i love coach sunnies! congrats on all your beautiful things
  13. Great stuff! I especially love the sunglasses - Coach sunglasses are awesome.
  14. Congrats, the sunglasses are all AMAZING and beautiful bags!!
  15. Oh, what great deal, and does glasses are amazing. I just bought my first pair of Coach sunglasses, and I love them, I am sure you will too.