My DH is so silly (pics to prove it)

  1. We have an adorable Toy Fox Terrier named Ravioli...we call him Ravi for short. He is the best dog...better yet, the best SON! lol He is family, and everyone is crazy about this dog. The one and only thing that drives me crazy about him is that he loves to go to the door during the daytime...which is supposed to mean he has to go do his business...but lately he only goes and lays on the lawn to sunbathe. He tricks me like this all the time. One day, he did it while I was busy doing housework, so I told my daughter to keep an eye on him for a few minutes. I looked out of the window and saw the most beautiful "sibling" moment, and grabbed the camera to take the shot, take a look at picture 1. Adorable, right! It was a total candid picture...they didn't even know I snapped it. DH and I love that picture....I saved it as my screensaver too. Anyhow, today I turned on my computer to see a new picture saved as my screensaver...take a look at picture number 2! My DH is so silly. He had my daugther snap this shot to look exactly like the other one. He was even mad when he realized he had the wrong foot up. LMBO!!!!!!
    Fa and Ravi.JPG Father and Son 001 467x350.jpg
  2. Cute! You have an adorable family!
  3. My dog tries to trick me like that too! I guess they just get tired of being inside all the time. :smile:

    Cute dog...beautiful family!
  4. That is so funny. My chi's love to sunbathe. I have a sliding glass door that lets a lot of light in and that is where they lay.
  5. How sweet! I love it!
  6. Awww-such cute pics! My dog does the same thing--goes to the door just to get us out of the chair lol. Your dog is so cute.

    Is that your daughter in your avatar? She's beautiful!
  7. animals have a way of training "us" so well don't they?
  8. that's adorable!!! ahhh way to make me smile. Your dog is precious!
  9. Great pics!! He's a cutie! Awwwwe he's chubby!! I love chubby animals!
  10. Great pictures! Beautiful family.
  11. Your dog is ADORABLE! I miss my lil guys :sad: Does yours have a lot of energy?
  12. Cute pictures ^-^
  13. Thanks Florasun!!!
  14. That's true. He's in the house a lot.

    Thank you. :smile:

  15. How sweet! That would be ideal, but our sliding glass doors never see sun...darn it!