my dh is so funny

  1. my mil, sil and nephew are visiting from the bay area and my husband has been taking them around to see the sights. we met up at the fashion show mall for some shopping. while waiting for them my daughter and i went inside the LV boutique, not really planning on getting anything, just to look, but then i remembered that my cousin had asked for my wapity and decided to get me a new one. then my dh calls letting me know that they are in the mall so my dd and i walked over to where they were. we then walked all around the mall while he's holding my hand, where my pochette and the brown shopping bag has been hanging from. we were walking around for a good hour, then our last stop was the gap store. he said he would stay outside and wait for us. i went around the gap (didnt buy anything). when i got back outside, my mil noticed my shopping bag from LV and said, "oh ms. LV got something again huh." my husband looked at me and said "i thought you went inside the gap," i said i did but i did not buy anything. he said "when did you get this?" referring to the LV shopping bag. i said "i have been holding this since we met up. didnt you notice?" he said "no." oh well, i just :rolleyes:. hmm i guess its a good thing that he doesnt notice what i buy. :graucho:
  2. Man... :roflmfao:
  3. I can't even imagine having to worry about someone scrutinizing my every purchase. I'd be hiding a lot of LV bags in the trunk of my car.:nuts:
  4. you're lucky, my husband notices everything and since i drag him around the mall and talk so much about bags and everything else he knows exactly what comes in what bags!
  5. my DH is exactly the same. He would ask me when did you get this or that bag and his face would be completely confused. :confused1: if he knew all the bags I bought he would completely freak out.
  6. Wow how oblivious can guys be!
  7. Hah! Men have very "selective" noticing skills...

    I totally hid my agenda purchase from BF the other day.... why? I don't know... I told him I was going to buy something while visiting him this trip... but when he came to pick me up at the mall, I decided I didn't want a lecture about spending money on purses... so I folded up the LV bags, & stuck the LV bags/box into the Barnes & Nobles shopping bag...then into the plastic Foodland grocery bag...

    I'm so glad he didn't "notice" that my grocery bag was awfully fat considering I only got a paperback & bottle water that day! :roflmfao:
  8. My dads like that, but my mams always telling me to buy more.
  9. My DH notices the strangest things... perhaps he chooses not to notice the LV purchases though
  10. lol...your dh is so funny :roflmfao:

  11. Wow. Selective tunnel vision :huh:
  12. Cute story... My hubby notcies the bags weeks later... Unless its Neimans their bags are soooo colorful,lol
  13. whenever I get a new handbag, LV, Gucci, Chanel I always tell my hubby it was on sale. If he knew I paid full price for all my bags he would not be pleased. Sale somehow makes me shopping ok, guys are so funny.
  14. Husbands are sometimes very clueless. I have a new bag all the time and DH doesn't even seem to notice. :shrugs:
    I could totally pull off the "I bought this last year" bit if I wanted to but good thing DH doesn't care how many bags I buy! The only bags he ever noticed were my mirror bags! However, I think you would be blind not to! LOL
  15. haha may be men is all the same, my dh would ask the same thing if he saw I carry the brown bag but come out in different store h aha ....he's funny and cute!!!