My DH is so cute and clueless!

  1. So my husband is in China for 2 weeks for work, again. Leaving me at home with our 4 yr old son and 2 beagles!!! Well, tonight he calls to check in and I was having a bad night.....dogs were going crazy, son didn't want to do anything I asked, and I'm working on 4 hours of sleep since the dogs get up about 3 times during the night for some reason!

    So this is basically how our conversation went.

    DH: "Hi, So how are you?"

    ME: "Oh just great *sarcasm*, how are you?"

    DH: "Sorry I can't be there to help.... what can I do to make it better?"

    ME: "Well you could buy me a couple Birkins"

    DH: "You want shoes??"

    ME: "OMG--are you seriuos??? Shoes??? Oh man.....I have to go, your son just missed the toilet--again"

    I guess I won't have a surprise coming to me from China
  2. ROFL!!! My SO keeps referring to the Birkin as "Birdhouse". MEN. lol
  3. LOL!!!! That is too funny! Men are just clueless sometimes!
  4. Yep....sometimes I daydream that my DH is like some of the DH/SO I've read about on tPF. You know the ones.....who have this great sense of style and are only happy when they know their loved one has that new bag in their arm. Oh well....I suppose I have plenty of time to train him :p
  5. Please, mine thinks high style is a pair of Merrils and clean jeans.
  6. Your DH is so cute... :roflmfao:

  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. But your DH is SO HOT!!(Me and Lisa were talking about how hot your DH is after you left NM the other day:rolleyes:)

    You guys are one hot couple with a cutest baby!!!
  9. emanu, that's cute. :smile:
  10. You just made me blush! Thank you! I will tell him, maybe that will encourage him to come to NM more often! he he he!!!
  11. Emanu - now's the time to jump on the H website and email him a pic of something you like (and the addresses of the stores in China) :graucho:
  12. Handybags - VERY good idea!
  13. Works for me!! ;)
  14. My DH today called my Kelly, KELLY! :sweatdrop: I wasn't sure if it is a good sign or not, secretly am happy he recognize the bag, esp after watching Le Divorce last night and that Croc kelly flying away! But it also mean that I am not able to pass off new bags as "Oh, you know that bag, I got it long time ago!" :p

    Enjoy his ignorance for now... I'm missing the ignorance part ;)

  15. I love it! Men!