My DH is in Deep "Doo" so...I get to go SHOPPING!

  1. My DH went to the Coast this weekend with some of our friends. I stayed home to meet up with my In-Laws when they brought my DD back from her "vacation" she spent with them this past week. Well, DH was supposed to come home this morning. Long story, short...he's still there! :cursing: He "can't" (shouldn't) come home since it is raining and he's had some *ahem* 'beverages', etc...So...he called and said he knows he screwed up and that, to make it up to me, I can go for an All-Day Spa Treatment or go shopping at the COACH store (he knows me SO WELL)! :yahoo:Guess what I am choosing......COACH!!!!! Of course! Although, I'd love a massage and a pedicure - that would only be temporary. LOL! My Coach purchase will last!!!
    So...I am thinking...what shall I buy?!?! I also wonder if I should hit the Boutique or the Outlet?!?! I am thinking I may check the OUTLET first (get more Bang for the Buck) and if I don't find anything fun there then go to the Boutique!:yes:
    Anywho...just had to vent and express my displeasure with DH, but my super EXCITEMENT over my impending shopping spree!!!! :p
  2. YAY for boys being stupid---more Coach for us!
  3. Totally! I just wish the mall didn't close in 40 minutes or I'd be over there in a heartbeat!!! If he gets home early enough tomorrow, he can watch DD and I'll hit the outlet THEN!!! :nuts:
  4. What Are You Going To Buy, You Lucky Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. MEN!! :rolleyes: Have a blast when you go and make it hurt! hee hee

  6. Ditto!!
  7. o:huh:OOoo. He's in the dog house so you get to go to the Coach house!:tup: Make sure to take pictures of the loot!!!!
  8. awesome, can't wait to see what you buy!
  9. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you finds tons of good things. I would hit the outlet store first as well !
  10. OUTLET!!!!! Definitively!!!! There's a man that knows how to make up for his mistakes. Please, please, buy a ton and post pics!!! Enjoy!
  11. YES!!! I think that is the plan. I am trying to get my GF (and fellow Coach lover) to go with!!! If she can't go soon enough I may have to go without her :graucho: I'm gonna TRY to wait though - it'd be much more fun WITH someone!!! Plus, I could partially blame HER when I come home with GOBS of stuff and get a dirty look from DH (like he has any room to talk now)!! HA!! (me to DH: "Well, SHE told me to get it...SHE got one, too...") :p
  12. Wow!!! Nice!!! That would be a tough choice for me though - spa or Coach! I can't wait to see what you get!!
  13. Ouch to your credit cards! That will teach him a lesson to be sure.

    I'd definately hit the outlet first and get more bang for your buck. If that's not enough, there's always the boutiques!
  14. LOL - I agree! While we are on the topic, here's a good one from Happy Bunny!

  15. Hehe Happy Bunny^ I'd pick Coach ANYDAY! I agree, hit the outlet first. They've got some GREAT stuff, hopefully they'll have the agenda! :graucho: Have a blast and get alot while you can.:yahoo: