My Dh is at Jax Coach Distribution Center Today!....

  1. Upgrading their computer system. :rolleyes:;)

    The bad news... He said there is not a handbag in sight. :tdown:

    The good new... He is working late tonight and going back tomorrow, cha ching! mo money for mama! :tup:
  2. that the Coach headquarters? Swanky!
  3. Holy crap that's bigger then I thought it was. It's beautiful too!
  4. I'd have a hard time being in JAX and not wanting to have the "grand tour."

    Man, can you just imagine what the warehouse is like? :drool:
  5. Thank god thats not me doing his job. I'd be raiding the place! Very cool for your hubby! Thats a serious building.
  6. My goodness that place is huge!!! Thanks for posting this.
  7. Just by looking at that building, you figure they're profitable? :roflmfao:
  8. WOW!! Man if I did IT upgrades at Coach I'd take my paycheck in bags!!! Seriously!
  9. heaven:nuts:
  10. Pretty building! I like the tower! I bet it would be good for spotting Coaches everywhere LOL!
  11. Wow........
  12. That is too cool. Wow that building is not what I imagined it to be at all. Very nice!

  13. lol i like your answer...and i agree!
  14. do you think all the woman there have to carry coach bags to work lol?:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. Wow - thanks for posting this pic.

    So this where all the lusting begans.....