My DH hates my Denim Cabas

  1. I was so excited to pick up my new denim bag today, but when I showed it to my husband I could tell by his expression that he didn't like it.
    Has anyone else had the same experience with a hubby or friend reacting negatively to the denim cabas?
    Normally he could care less how many Chanels I buy, because he thinks they are so elegant. I don't know, I might end up returning it.:confused1:
  2. my DF almost dislikes everything i like, we have very different tastes, do what you like, if you feel wonderful w/ this bag then keep it, don't return something just becuase he doesn't like it.
  3. Don't go returning the bag on account of him! All that counts is that YOU like the bag.

    I personally like the denim cabas.
  4. It's not my favorite cabas. And I am not sure I would ever be really happy with a bag I knew my DH hated. JMO
  5. I know exactly how you feel. :yes: My bf doesnt like the denim cabas either (neither my female freds). I gave him a hint that I am on the waitlist and might get it when it becomes available to me, and he just thinks denim is not worth of that money and not last.... :crybaby:
  6. Whos wearing the bag him or you? If you love it, keep it... he's probably just not use to chanel looking like that hahah

  7. ITA^ :p
  8. OK, this might sound bad, but I couldn't care less if my DH likes my bags or not :p

    I mean, I like to know if he likes the way I look or dress but just don't care what he thinks about my handbags, KWIM?
  9. Well, my SO doesn't get purses. I have asked him before whether he likes purses, and he doesn't understand the difference between bags!

    So, I would focus on what YOU like and what YOU feel comfortable wearing ;)
  10. I don't think I would be okay purchasing a bag my DH didn't like. He's also not huge on denim so I didn't even bother getting a denim cabas.
  11. I would be okay with it.
    My DH has tools and guy stuff I don;t care for.
  12. Don't ever return a bag because of someone else's opinion. You will regret it later...I say this as the voice of experience.
  13. Since your DH is so great about you buying Chanels, I can see why you would be troubled about keeping one he doesn't like. If his not liking it bothers you.....take 'er back!!
  14. That is too funny, cause today DH and I were at Chanel at South Coast Plaza browsing and he saw the denim cabas and said "that is the only bag in this store that I don't like". Must be a guy thing.
  15. It's weird- my husband is *not* a fashion plate, by any means, but he has good taste in bags. If I get one he doesn't like, it probably wasn't "me" in the first place and was more of an impulse purchase. Back it goes...